About Me

I live a blessed life as a born and raised Valley girl in Los Angeles, with my tall dark and handsome police officer husband and my twins (a Star Wars obsessed son and a sweet sensitive daughter).

I love photography (ever since I took my first basic composition class in 7th grade), yoga (ever since I took a yoga class as my p.e. requirement in college...aka long before it was mainstream because I'm just so hip like that), baking/cooking for family and friends, the smell of the ocean and a newborn baby's head, hiking, and finding new creative outlets.

I call myself an cynical optimist.  Being aware and writing about of the "small stuff", happy synchronicities, ah ha! moments, meaningful struggles, and special experiences, keeps me balanced and grateful.  It is so cathartic!

I'm not sure where this outlook will take me, but I'm hopeful the journey will be rewarding.