Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a BIG fan of food and cooking shows and competitions.  It's surprising how much you can learn and also get inspired to experiment at home.  I've watched plenty of the chefs use puff pastry in recipes and it always leaves me curious.  Even the top chefs get scared off by the complexity of making it from scratch and make no apologies about using the frozen (pre-made) kind.  But, alas, even though I often make my own pie crust from scratch, I've never bought or used puff pastry and I'm not sure why the hesitation.  Perhaps because of the intimation factor or just simply because I've just never tried it?

Now that I'm (gasp!!) forty, I'm feeling more brave and bold and less intimidated (hooray!).  So, get this...last week I bought my first box of frozen puff pastry!!  I know, soooooo wild and crazy, right?!  I am so proud of my fabulous forty self.

I decide I want to make apple turnovers like I loved so much during my childhood (my mom often stocked a box of the frozen ones in the freezer).  So, I buy a bag of granny smith apples with visions of cooking up the apples with cinnamon and raisins as a filling just like my fond memories.  Yumm!

I am all set to do this, but then I just so happen to watch It's Complicated over the weekend.  I practically drool over the scene where Meryl Streep's character "Jane" effortlessly makes fresh homemade chocolate croissants with Steve Martin's character "Adam" over the course of a playful music montage at her scrumptious (and rather enviable) upscale bakery.  Aaahhh, the crunch of the flaky croissant and the gooey warm dripping expensive imported chocolate.  Aaahhh, if only we could all make homemade croissants in the course of a few minutes in real life.

I want one.  Darnit!

So, this morning, not being able to stand it anymore, I decide today is the day to take the puff pastry plunge.  I can't think of a better companion than the highly beloved Nutella.
I start with one sheet of defrosted puff pastry cut into four squares, some brushed egg wash, plus four generous tablespoons of Nutella.
I fold and pinch the squares into triangles and brush some more egg wash.
About fifteen minutes in a 400 degree oven and voila! Gourmet!
And what do my very willing test tasters think of their special breakfast treat?  They say I'm the best cook ever and that I'm an awesome mommy.  Awww, that's about the best compliment I could hear.  I'd venture to say my kids love them.
I ask the happy eaters what we should name our new found treat.  My son says "Nutella Puffs" and then my daughter says (in true twin oppposite form) says "Puff's Nutella", to which her brother replies with a smirk "I didn't know a tissue company would make Nutella flavored tissue" and then we all have a big sugar high giggle.

Now, I'm not so vain to think that this is my own unique invention and I'm the most brilliant baker ever.  I'm sure that combination is made many times over each day by genius people just like me.  But, it sure did hit the spot and I satisfied my sweet craving...for now.  Plus, I've taken the puff pastry plunge!  Yay!!!  The only question now is, should my next puff pastry creation be savory or sweet?  Oh, the delicious possibilities...


  1. this was the only one i hadn't read - i thought i missed more. thank you for being an inspiration to get my fingers out there and post. love you!!!!!!!!!