Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cinderella pumps

I've searched and searched for a new pair of black pumps for the last few months.  Granted, it's not like I have all day and unlimited resources to shop at stores all over LA, so by all that searching I mean whenever I happen to be in or near a store that just so happens to carry nice shoes.

You see, last year when I helped run the big formal fundraiser for my kid's school, I wore some pretty black pumps and half way through the night my feet were KILLING me.  They weren't even that high of a heel, but I might as well have been wearing a size 4 shoe (I wear an 8).  Then again, maybe I wasn't really supposed to run up and down the hallways like a crazy stressed out lady in these type of shoes - maybe they are more for standing around and looking all fancy.  And, it's not like I wear pumps more than but twice a year or so (flip flops are more like it), so no wonder my feet protested...big time.

That night, I swore to myself that next year for the fundraiser I wouldn't run up and down the hallways (more dignity) and that I would gift myself a new pair of more comfortable but still pretty pumps.  I had the exact type of high-heels in mind - the sort of vintage looking ones with a little strap and a more rounded toe, oh, and I had to be able to wear nylons with them (my legs are way too pale to be seen in public in February!).  

Unfortunately, I see nothing like that out there.  Everything is either too high or too low or too strappy/sandaly or too old looking or too hip or have the wrong heel or too pointy and so on.  Oh the shoe frustration!  

But, I keep the faith and just know I'll find something that will work and I'd even be willing to, gasp, the name of comfort.  I am, after all, almost forty!

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny and in the seventies and the outside world beckoned me.  Since I had a bit of an off week, both physically and mentally, I definitely needed to take advantage of the return of my energy and positive attitude...and the fact that my mom just picked up the kids for the day and overnight.  Whoo hoo!

I first hit a new thrift store based on an entusiastic tip from an avid thrift store shopper (she does props for the studios) and, yep, it was awesome.  HUGE!   And, it was okay that it was totally crowded and only took cash and I had none and my ATM card was at home.  It was another cool thrift store to add to my roster and I'm giddy.

Next, I decide to drive to the nearby IKEA to shop for some new curtains for my newly painted playroom.  Only, as I almost get there, I hear my own voice in my head from years back caution "NEVER go to IKEA on a Saturday ever again!!" and I cringe and rethink my plan...then change my route to the (oooohh!! aaaah!!) Nordstrom's Rack right up the street.  I drive around for a while and finally find a parking spot far far away, but I'm not deterred.  I walk into the store with focus and b-line to the back to the extensive shoe section.  

And then, then...I see them.  I see The Pumps.  In my size!  Not too expensive!  The little strap I wanted!  And they are prettier than I imagined!  So comfortable!  I practically do the Cinderella glass slipper dance (raise the shoe up in the air and twirl - see pic to the right of my favorite, and I would argue the best Cinderella movie of all time The Slipper and the Rose). 

Now, I'm not saying these are life changing glass slippers (I've already found my prince), but it's a reminder that sometimes I can actually get something I wish for, and it feels so comforting and neat and I love it.  

I'm not completely superficial and think that it's profound and meaningful to successfully wish for silly black pumps and all is right in the world.  After all, it's more important that the all-important fundraiser makes lots of money for my beloved school.  Of course, I wish for lots of deeper things, like for the economy to turn around, the end of wars, that no one goes hungry or without medical care, and the return of more important values and spiritual enlightenment.  But sometimes, it's about the little things like those perfect pumps or finding the turquoise earring I thought was lost forever at the bottom of my laundry basket, or discovering that the sweet mom I recently met at school lives just a few houses away, or visiting a new awesome thrift store.

Wish me luck with the fundraiser...and that my new pretty pumps don't kill my feet that night.  I might, just in case, learn my lesson and put aside my vanity and pack an emergency pair of comfy shoes.  But, I have a feeling my new "Cinderella" pumps won't let me down.

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