Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happymiss naughty dogs

I laughed when I saw the story on tv about this dog that ate Gorilla glue...and it saved his life!  A happymiss story for sure:

And here I get mad at my cats when they eat the occasional houseplant.

Double fortune

I guess the universe has a lot to tell me.  I'm ready and listening!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hugs and kisses

When my twins were born, a dear friend of my grandma gave me this "Love is..." comic that she clipped out and slipped into a clear magnet frame.  The sweet sentimentality literally brought tears to my (sleep deprived new mommy) eyes.  This simple, yet beyond touching gift will always be on my fridge and remains as one of my favorite gifts ever.

You see, my grandma, Ruth, died two and a half years before I was blessed with my children.  She adored the long-running and beloved "Love is..." comic that dates back to the early 1970's.  So much so, that when the local newspaper stopped printing it, she organized a successful campaign to bring it back and...she won.  Thank goodness!  My grandma found such delight in the simply joyful moments like those depicted in the comic, and that's why I think she loved it so much.  Lucky for me, I remember lots of "Love is..." moments with my grandma and without a doubt her love plays an important role in who I am today.

Recently, when I helped organize a surprise class gift for my kid's teacher's upcoming wedding, I felt totally inspired to do a "Love is..." class project.  Not only will their teacher appreciate the student-made gift, but I'm also curious to find out what love means to these kids.  We teach them to say "I love you" when we say it to them, but do they really understand what it means in an abstract sense?  Humm...

One day while their almost-married teacher, Jullie, is conveniently out of the classroom, I pose the "Love is..." question to the students while we all discuss and listen to project instructions.  I will admit, I daydreamed about hearing some funny, heartfelt, maybe even embarrassing answers, like on Bill Cosby's Kids Say the Darndest Things , but surprisingly, what I get is pretty straightforward.   "Love is..." to these seven-year-olds means their pets, friends, family, chocolate, and their toys.  So, what was the #1 answer?  Hugs and kisses.
Yep, it was that simple and wow, totally refreshing.  Love is so much more complicated in the grown-up world.  Yet, hugs are kisses are the most simple form of showing love and affection.  We hug and kiss our pets, friends, family, toys (yes, I've hugged my Kitchenaid) and definitely chocolate (I've been known to gush over a box of See's Candies).  And those who grow up without much in the way of hugs and kisses often end up in a world of pain and dysfunction.  I would say they are pretty darn important.

Now, I'm not saying all we have to do is hug and kiss each other and all will be right in the universe.  But, like the "Love is..." comic, I believe it's the less obvious gestures that keep me wanting the hugs and kisses from the close relationships in my life.  For example, love is...last Saturday morning my man told me to stay in bed while he got up with the (6 a.m. early riser) kids because he knew I was drained after a few hard days taking care of my sick boy.  I fell back asleep until 8 a.m. and it felt glorious!   Love is...sitting next to my grandma Ruth on her organ bench while she played and we sang Sound of Music songs together.  Love is...going through my daughter's school backpack and finding a picture that she drew in class of me and "I love you mommy" in bright crayon letters.  Love is...when my mom calls to ask how I'm doing when it's my daughter who is sick.  I could go on and on 'cause I'm feeling rather mushy...or is it the beginnings of the nasty virus going around my house for the last month?  Urgh.

I'm all smiles when I think about the fact that my grandma Ruth enjoyed the 'Love is..." comic as much as she did, and that her caring friend remembered and gave me that gift, and that seeing it every day reminds me of her and how lucky I am to have my twins, and how it inspired me to do a wedding project with the class, and that their teacher was so touched that she said she'll display the poster at her wedding (to be enjoyed by her guests), and that all of those kind pay-it-forward gestures are appreciated and remembered as they live on and on every day.