Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Legos and corn dogs

My daughter Talia got whisked away this morning by one of her favorite bff friends from school for a day filled with hiking, lunch, swimming, and almost certainly lots and lots of giggles.  Can you say squeals of happy happy joy joy from my super social girl who loves her silly and sweet friend sooooo much?! 

Me?  I am glad for her.  The hardest part about summer is missing her school friends and I don't blame her.  If I had to go three months without seeing my girlfriends I'd wallow in misery and depressed emptiness.  I need my ladies!  And, it just so happens to be one of those fantastic lady friends that is graciously entertaining my daughter today.  I can't wait to hear how it went since it's a totally new thing for her to have such long a day without her twin brother.

It's weird.  My precious twin babies are venturing out into the great big world without each other.  I know it's healthy and good for them, but, well, it's new for me and I'm just a mixed bag of emotions over all of this.  Next thing I know, I'll be helping them submit their college applications.  I'm not ready for that yet!

Is her brother Quinn jealous?  Sad?  Lonely?  Mad that she gets to play while he's stuck alone with his mom?  Ha ha ha!  Uh no.  He's relishing the break from all that is his sister.  He's all smiles and relaxed and talking.  A lot.  Granted, it's mostly about Star Wars trivia and the scientific realities of the universe but I'll take it.  I absolutely love to hear what he's thinking without interruption and how his amazing mind works.
Did we spend our day kicking the soccer ball around?  Studying dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum?  Geocaching in our local mountains (although it's sounds really neat)?  Nope.  We hit the far away mall to specifically visit the very cool Lego store (for the first time ever!) and eat some lunch.  Not exactly creative, educational, or deep, but for a big Lego fan and an even bigger Star Wars fan with a wallet full of birthday money begging to be spent, it's a pretty great combination.
And for lunch?  Corn dogs and lemonade.  I forgot how good those are and how much I enjoyed such a special treat when I was a kid.  In fact, sadly, I don't ever eat those now because the chemicals do very bad things to my digestion (I believe it's one of those almost forty things that no one told me about).  But, today I "splurged" because I wanted to fully experience the day with him, and, well, those corn dogs are really yummy.  So, yes, we bonded over corn dogs and I don't care if it comes back to haunt me later because it was worth it.  Just look at that smile on his happy face.  And, ya, I was smiling right back at him.

My usually smiling Talia came home a little while ago with a rather serious expression on her face as she greeted me, not with a 'hi mom!', but with a cautious proclamation: "I would like to get my ears pierced".

You see, her bff friend that she spent the day with just got her ears pierced, so, well, uh, and she is very seven.  I answered her with a "We'll talk about it", to which she was not all that happy with at all.  She obviously wanted a "Sure honey, let's go get your ears pierced first thing tomorrow yay!!!" and did not appreciate my lack of commitment.  I told her it's not something we jump into just because her friend did.  It's a big decision to think about.  PERMANENT.  However, she hasn't stopped seriously talking about it with a slight tear in her eye since she's been home (or is the chlorine from the public swimming pool?).  Did I mention she is very seven?!  Is this only the beginning of what to expect from all this new independence?  Oh my.

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