Thursday, July 1, 2010


My son, Quinn, found this "rock" last time we visited our local beach.  Obviously it's not a natural rock.  My best guess is that it's two bricks with concrete in the middle that tumbled in the ocean for who knows how long, forming this neat and unusual shape.

As far as my kids are concerned, it's a hamburger rock's really really cool.

I think it's special, too, but I can't help but wonder and daydream about where this came from originally.  Was it from a brick wall or walkway somewhere far far away that crumbled into the ocean during a horrible storm?  What kind of amazing story would this hamburgerock tell if it could?  How lucky we are to be the first ones to find and touch such a treasure! 

People line up to buy fancy newfangled gadgets when they hit the stores; items that excite and wow making our lives "easier" and more fun (I always smile at the "flame" app held up during the slow song at concerts - Bic lighters always did get hot after a while).  I am sadly and admittedly way behind the times.  I can't even (gasp!) check email and facebook on my phone!  Ya ya, I know, hang my head low in embarrassment.  But, how many people can say they have a hamburgerock like mine?  Anyone?  Anyone?

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