Tuesday, July 27, 2010

As fun as cake

I am one post away from the Big 200th Post.  If you are a television show and talking 'episodes', you present a big celebratory cake for the cast and crew, toast champagne, and applaud the major accomplishment. If you are me, you do a review of all of the keywords people used in their online searches that brought them to my blog. Here are my top 25 favorites: 
  1. big wiggly things
  2. butt squished
  3. squished under her butt
  4. squished under my butt
  5. dare to be brave
  6. i know myself but that is all
  7. a boo about a father talks about sons and how he missed out on the small stuff
  8. joan cusack's teeth
  9. braces extremely near sighted
  10. breakfast television packing tips
  11. how munch supplies is needed to build a small home
  12. christmas story that's right, oink oink. show us how the piggies eat
  13. poo head and other names
  14. eaglets feces sticky
  15. it’s kinda funny do you know? love’s an odd thing to feel, the best and the worst i’ve ever known. and it doesn’t make compromises at all. it’s not fair at all, that i have to crave for you and that even the smallest smile drives me insane
  16. indan small boy looking to her anty in bathroom taking the shwer
  17. don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff pink monkey
  18. party like the irish
  19. husband power washer fetal position
  20. squealing lizard
  21. freeeeeedom!!!!!!!!! im single again!!!!
  22. the misery of small boobs
  23. vintage small boobs
  24. how did r2r2 help c3po?
  25. damn piles

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