Friday, June 25, 2010

Star Mom

I love me a local library used book sale.  I especially love a library used book sale when I walk up thinking about what I want to get, like "find Star Wars book, Star Wars book, Star Wars book..." and I hit the epic jackpot.  Oh ya baby, an original 1980 copyrighted The Empire Strikes Back Storybook with "full-color photographs" obviously well loved by it's previous owner.  Cha ching!  Score one for mommy!  

I don't know how much it cost, because I fought through the hoards of book fans, ebay sellers, strange characters, fellow moms, and teachers and bought a big bag full of various kid books for a mere $5.  It's priceless to my son, the 2nd biggest Star Wars fan (next my husband), who gasped and let out a smile inducing "oooohhh!" when he held the treasured book in his excited hands.  He doesn't care that it needs a bit of tlc and tape - he just thinks he's the luckiest kid ever.

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