Friday, May 28, 2010

Tea zen

I'm still in peaceful mode after my me-retreat to Ojai.  Despite a week full with school volunteering, a sad but sweet funeral, tackling the scary Paper and Bill Pile, with a total lack of physical or creative motivation, I'm still rather zen in the midst of it all.

So, when an afternoon tea planned weeks ago by a girlfriend at one of my favorite places in Los Angeles comes up on Thursday and the sky opens up with a massive downpour of drizzle and cool weather (it wasn't even 70 degrees - oh the horror!), I honestly just want to cancel and stay home.  Wearing slippers, sipping on my own hot tea, and catching up on my guilty pleasure soap, uh, umm, I mean, reading a meaningful book, sounds so much nicer and way less effort. 

I know so many people sitting inside their offices or cubicles or home with little babies only wishing they could sneak away in the afternoon to indulge in a lovely tea service with girlfriends.  And here I am wanting to get out of it because I don't want to drive the thirty-five minute car ride in the cool drizzly weather??  Silly silly me.  It's not like being forced to drive through a hurricane and mudslides to Chuck E Cheese's or something!  I luckily come to my senses, throw on a pretty outfit, trade in my slippers for cute flats, and go.

In spite of the less than stellar weather, waiting a while for my later than expected friends, being extra conscious of the now more limited time constraints (kids have to be picked up from school), and not being able to stroll around the beautiful gardens that I love so much, I still relish the experience and am grateful I went. The tea service in this special place was yummy, with lots of good girly talk, and we all felt happy to be there away from our worries, kids, and to-do stuff.

It honors that fact that not every day can be like my soulful three day experience in Ojai, but it's about making the most of and appreciating those "little" moments when I can get them.  Sure, I can have a nice zen day at home in my fuzzy slippers, but it certainly is more fun out in the big beautiful world with friends.


  1. I have always enjoyed the Huntington. It's one of my favorite places. Good for you for getting out there!

  2. Yes! One cup of tea plus good friends equals One great afternoon and conversation. I really love the feeling.