Sunday, May 16, 2010

Me retreat

This week I leave for my first ever self imposed solo retreat all alone by my brave self for three whole glorious well-deserved days in a beautiful place away from home.  The following words sum up how I view my trip:

1. Lazy: If I lounge around all day doing nothing, who cares? The lazier the better. A long drooling nap is practically a requirement. 

2. Selfish: I'm going to do only what I want to do with my time and I don't care what anyone else thinks about that. It's all about meeeeee!

3. Naughty: Unlimited carbs, red meat, decadent desserts, martinis - calories don't count on a solo retreat.

4. Disconnected: That's right - no computer, internet, social networking, television, bills, gossip, or news.  Life will continue on without me while I'm away, and will be there waiting for me when I get back.

5. Reckless:  I might just stay up really late, like past 10pm.  Or explore an unknown hiking trail and see where it takes me.  Or eat at a restaurant that is not recommended or thoroughly researched.  Or take my chances and not set my alarm in order to wake up in time for the complimentary breakfast.  Or buy a piece of local art from an unknown artist.  No agenda or schedule! That's me, so wild and crazy like that.

6. Forgetful: It's a time to escape and forget my fears, worries, stresses, responsibilities, doubts, frustrations, to-do lists, and expectations. 

7. Discriminate: I will go with an open mind, but only do things that make me happy, relaxed, content, and true to myself.

8. Criminal: It would be a crime to not get the most out of my retreat, no matter what I do or don't do.  I cannot beat myself up, rob myself of this opportunity, or steal away from a good attitude.  I must rehabilitate any feelings of loneliness, doubt, or self sabotage and replace them with contentment, confidence, and empowerment.

9. Envy:  Knowing that most of my friends don't ever get this wonderful chance to take a trip alone like this and probably wish they could do it, too, I consider myself a lucky woman, but will remember to remain humble. 

I am blessed and grateful for my very supportive husband, mom, and friends, plus the financial means and available time to go.  Ultimately, it's truly a loving gift I am giving myself, one that I can't wait to open and enjoy.


  1. You SO deserve a completely "me" time. I'll add one more word, "Immediate," that you will start those other nine words as soon as your car heads out. We who remain at home wish you peace and thinking-free bliss. Ah, another word, "empty," that you will empty your head of all thoughts and just be in-the-moment. Every moment. Care-free and basking in your senses. xoxox

  2. Lots and lots of luck, joy and credit to you! Have a fantastic and relaxing trip. We're here if you're hubby needs help, but I'm quite certain he is more than capable. Again, you DESERVE this! Make the most of it!

  3. Soak it up. Every little drop of joy.