Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sew what

I just finished watching the season finale of Project Runway and was happy to see (spoiler!!) the eclectic dad win the grand prize, as he seemed genuine and stayed true to himself and his style.  I watched all season long, every week beyond impressed that the designers can whip together an original (often crazy themed) design in ONE DAY and have it look better than anything I could make in a year.  And, all that with cameras in their face while sleep deprived and dealing with drama- seeking fellow designers/competitors and the pressure of the competition with so much at stake while away from their home life (aka support system).  I'm pretty positive the producers would find me in a tear filled fetal position in the corner of the sewing room crying for my mommy on the very first day.  

I'm working on a relatively minor sewing project - new curtains for my bedroom closets.  In an effort to make my bedroom more comfy and warm feeling (Spring nesting), I finally took off the very outdated gold mirror doors (courtesy of the previous owners) and am replacing them with simple curtain rods and four curtain panels with grommets for easy opening and closing.  Not too complicated, right?  Only, these store bought panels are about four feet too long and need hemming.  Okay, not too hard.  It's a measure it, fold here, pin there, iron flat, and a simple sew kind of project.  So, a week or two after I buy the panels, I do exactly that.  I hang, measure, fold, pin pin pin, iron, and then sit down at my sewing machine full of confidence and ready to go.  Only, now that I'm at the "sew" step, I realize that I neglected the part about buying the matching thread.  The panel is a deep purple wine color and I have nothing remotely like that.  Darnit!!!!  What didn't I think of this before??!!?  $!@#&*!  Grrrrrr.

I could easily just use the black or brown thread.  Humm, would anyone even notice?  Yes.  I would most definitely notice every time I walk into my bedroom when my eyes dart straight to the hems with the wrong color thread and I would regret my lazy choice and I don't want that because it would totally defeat the purpose of calm and cozy.  Not good.

Three days later I drive the to the fabric store to get the darn matching thread.  I easily find the right color, then get lured over to the seasonal section of summer items, with every isle full of 40% off signs.  An hour later after almost buying a wind chime, garden owl, picnic set, aloha decorations, and wind twirly things that I don't need, I pry myself away and check out with only my matching thread in hand.  A satisfying victory of sheer will-power indeed.

A day later, I sew the hem on the first panel.  Yay!!!  I hang it up and admire my excellent sewmanship.  The next day I finish the other three with immense pride.  Hooray!!  Finished at last!  And they look darn good - waaaaaay better than the gold mirrors for sure.  I can hear Heid's words now, "Daria. Good job.  You've made it through."  And, as a bonus, I have plenty of leftover fabric to make throw pillows...ha ha ha...someday. Thank goodness I can take all the time I want.

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