Monday, March 8, 2010

The time is write

I just got back from my annual family trip to our local snow covered mountains. A friend owns this quaint cabin in Big Bear and rents it to family and friends on the cheap. So, an extended weekend away doesn't break the bank and we can vacation with minimal stress and expense.

I went to Big Bear many many times during my teen years with my best friend's family, so returning to this place always gives me a sense of calm and warm fuzzy feelings. The school fundraiser I co-chaired was a huge success last weekend, both for the school and for my personal pride. Boy, did I dig deep for that one, but it was worth every bit of it. So, anticipating a well deserved and much needed post-fundraiser getaway to decompress and regroup, I deliberately booked the trip months ago for the weekend after the event. Thank goodness! I was physically exhausted and mentally drained. I love perfect timing, both planned and unplanned.

Two years ago, me and my mom attended a crunchy, but legitimate and popular convention downtown. We didn't go to have our tongue or aura read or to buy goddess clothes or to discover the next miracle pill/technique/invention to solve all of our problems (don't laugh, there were plenty to choose from). We went to see and hear Dan Millman speak. Being huge fans of his books and philosophies, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see him face-to-face, with an added bonus of interesting crowd watching and a treasured day spent together.

With a thick booklet full of scheduled lectures before our main event, we decide to check out a lecture called
"Everyday Synchronicity" by a life coach. We were immediately taken with Mindie and what she had to say - she was young but grounded and positive, insightful but not way out there, and totally made sense. Since she practiced out of state, I signed up for her newsletter, figuring I would keep her on my radar and get some good ideas now and then.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago, in the height of my crazy fundraising stress and frenzy, I get her monthly e-newsletter with information about her new twelve week online class created around the book The Artist's Way . I wish I could remember why I bought this book FIVE years ago, but sadly this unread book sat on my shelf collecting dust all this time. Maybe it's because it's not a book you just read, but more like a guide that takes a lot of work and I wasn't ready yet. Or perhaps I was subconsciously waiting for the remarkable timing of this class that starts the Monday right after the fundraiser. A time where I am newly freed up to, gasp, work on myself and figure out what to do with my mostly neglected creative self. A class that starts the same week I plan to relax and unwind in the beautiful mountains. A class that has my name all over it.

The well-known author, Julia Cameron, claims to be able to help with all kinds of grand revelations and creative breakthroughs. The surprising amount of people I know that have worked the book all have nice things to say about it.
I'm only a week into the course work, but so far so good. I am ready to do the work so I can move forward. You know how you can just feel a major life shift is on the way? Nothing major yet, but I feel a welcomed sense of calm. Or am I just still smiling from a wonderful and relaxing weekend away with my great family? My children are definitely happy that their mommy is back from the land of the time-consuming fundraiser. My husband is relieved to have his way less cranky wife around again.
Funny how they are happy to have the old "me" back, but I'm excited to hopefully discover a new me. Will that new me turn out to be a business owner? A painter? A collaborator? An inventor? A teacher? A (paid) writer? An event planner? Ouch, wait, way too soon to think about that, but, well, the possibilities are endless, right? In the very least I'd love to more inspired and creative, and then I'll just have to see where that takes me.


  1. Since you are already perfect, this book will only add more shine to your halo.

  2. ooh. I feel like I stumbled onto unexplored treasure in this blog. Daria - behind the scenes. thanks for your kind words about my expo talk ("she was young" - ha ha!) I'm so glad you signed up for the course. =)