Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trivet pursuit

I'm on an exciting new quest. Am I searching for life's true meaning? My personal calling? The genious idea for a company that will make me millions and get me on Oprah? The undiscovered homeopathic cure for the common cold? Nope. I'm collecting wine trivets or coasters from local thrift shops. The more vintage crystal looking the better. I know. I know. Mindblowing.

What's a wine trivet you might ask? You love wine but have never heard item of this before?? It's basically a fancy thingy you put your opened bottle of wine on so the drips don't go on the table...and, well, so you can look really super fancy pancy impressive to your friends and family. Anyway, the thrift stores seem to always have interesting ones, so I figure if I can collect a bunch of them and give them away as gifts this year (birthdays, party hosts, Christmas, etc.) in a pretty box to people that appreciate wine. A $1.35 crystal vintage wine trivet can turn into a unique and special gift. Oh, and if you are a friend of mine and you like wine and are reading this, please act you never read this and are very excited, impressed, and touched when you get one, okay?

My Quest for the Wine Trivets 2010 takes me to a previously undiscovered thift shop that comes highly recommended by a fellow expert thrift shopper. I'm flattered that she recently shared this "best kept secret" - a two story bargain hunters mecca, with the entire top floor full of children s clothes and toys. She doesn't share this privileged information with just anyone, don't you know. Yep, our friendship is officially on a new level.

I arrive at the store today with my mission at hand and highly focused - such dedication considering it's pouring down rain for the fourth day in a row and it's Los Angeles and it's cacacaCRAZY out there!!! I make my way down the bric-a-brac isle. I go to grab a pretty vase, only it's holding brown water that's dripping from the ceiling. Humm, okay. I'll give them that, after all, lots of rain. Only, I quickly notice lots of little buckets and bowls scattered throughout the store in various drip water collection areas. Ummm, starting to feel uncomfortable, especially since I start noticing the slightly buckled floor and wondering about the age of the obviously very old building. Did you know some buildings in LA are over forty years old?!?

Not finding any trivets, I cautiously venture upstairs to check out the children's section, especially since I buy most of my kid's clothes from thrift shops. Not buying, mind you, staying focused on the trivets, but I'm totally impressed. Tons and tons of clothes. Whoo hooo for future reference!! Only, well, then the power and lights go out. And all I can hear is lots of water dripping. Not...feeling...comfortable.

My mind starts wandering, especially in light of the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti. So many helpless people lost their lives pancaked in old buildings. Tragic and horrible Haiti news images flash through my mind. Do I want to be on the local news for being trapped...or this Super Thrift building after the roof caves in from weight of the water all for some damn wine trivets that people will probably like but never use? I can see the local headlines now. Awful. Thoughts of my family. So sad. As I slowly and cautiously crawl my way downstairs in the dark and over the very uneven floor (again, bad thoughts of falling down and breaking bones or worse), the lights suddenly come back on and the fellow shoppers collectively breathe a sigh of relief. And, well, I get the hell out of the store as soon as possible.

It's a minor setback for sure, but I plan on continuing
Quest for the Wine Trivets 2010 soon enough. I'm almost forty and feeling strong and daring, but I also think I'm entitled to get a little wee bit wimpy sometimes.


  1. LOVE your wine trivets and other crystal bric-a-brac. the matching candleholders from different shops still blows my mind. thrift shopping has always been a passion of mine. the quest for that small diamond amongst the coal aisles. a very cathartic process. and an added extra bonus? all those dusty forgotten trendy treasures and out-of-date appliances, cups and glasses with names, dates or events that nobody could ever use unless the message pertains to them. and every once in awhile, that perfectly faded and sized pair of jeans for $6. classic! happy shopping!

  2. LOL! That's all I have to say about that experience!!!

  3. Wow, I didn't know that happened! I don't think that store is the best for bric a brac, but kids clothes? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A true find. Go back!