Monday, January 18, 2010

Playin' in the rain

While it's not exactly a horrendous winter snow freezing blizzard like in other parts of the country, it is normally sunny SoCal and we got hit with a cold winter rainy thunderstorm with two more big storms predicted for this week. It's day four of a long weekend off from school and my kids are bubbling over with loads of energy (translation: mommy is envisioning an aggravating afternoon if I don't get these kids OUTSIDE because they are starting to go a little bonkers and my patience in wearing thin).

You can't tell from the picture, but It's cold. It's raining nonstop. It's soaked. There is mud.
Lots of mud. They obviously don't care (the more mud the better) and are happy for the unexpected carefree play. I'm happy they are out (of my hair). A hot shower and grilled cheese sandwich await them when they decide to come inside. I'm thinking (hoping and begging) that we may just make it through the afternoon still intact with our sanity and ready for the rainy week ahead.

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