Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dude, are you hitting on me?

After running a few necessary errands this morning, as I'm on my way home I decide to stop at the nearby thrift shop as part of my Quest for Wine Trivets 2010. My hair is pulled back in a ponytail, my make-up is minimal (under eye concealer and mascara only), it's the first day of my monthly visit from aunt flo (not exactly my best day of the month), and I'm focused on finding trivets and trivets only.

Soon after I discover two pretty trivets (score!), this soft spoken nice looking older gentleman approaches me and mumbles something in my direction. There are always interesting characters at thrift stores (part of the fun). Is he talking to me? I switch my focus and turn to him and say nicely "excuse me?". He repeats "I hope you are looking for something as pretty as you are?" Surprised, I smile and say "why, thank you" and return my focus to the crowded bric-a-brac shelves. Aw. Sweet. Then he mumbles again. I ask him to repeat. My admirer says "Are you married?", and I say "Yes, but thank you", and then he says "Oh, he's a lucky man", smiles, and slowly walks away. I'm thinking he's a lonely guy looking for a nice conversation and a smile.

This sort of thing might happen on a regular basis for some ladies, but for me it's RARE. The last time I can remember was when my kids were around two and I was pushing them in a shopping cart towards my car in the Target parking lot. This guy approaches and totally hits on me and I'm all "dude?" and point to my kids and say "I've got my kids with me" and he is all "oh, that's okay" and I give him a strange look and write it off to just being a weird guy with a thing for moms with young kids. And this was oh, I don't know, four years ago? Geez.

My mom says that in her experience, after age thirty-five women become invisible. It's not mean, just the facts. Men are now looking at the still cute perky women in their twenties and after thirty-five we start to show our age. And, well, I'm okay with that, I guess, because it's not like I want to go around getting hit on seeing that I'm married and stuff. But, I have to admit, getting approached it is a nice compliment, even if it comes from lonely or weird guys. I get it. Being an almost forty-year-old unemployed stay-at-home mom can sometimes make me feel invisible, and a little bit lonely, too.

*I took the picture a few days ago of our local and rarely snow-capped mountains after a series of recent cold storms. Rare, like getting hit on rare. Get it?


  1. Did you take that picture? It's gorgeous!

  2. Oh dear. I totally get it. And yes, after 35 and particularly if you haul your own kids around, you do become quite invisible to the opposite sex. But the dude was hitting on you...lol. I'm more surprised that you were surprised by it.

  3. Rock it, girl. Show off those brick o bracks while you still got it - and you do!