Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hold the lizard

As a newly (happily) unemployed woman, I find myself compelled to clean, organize, and purge. Out with the old and in the with new. Perfectly healthy, right? However, talk to me in a few weeks when every closet, drawer, and clutter space is totally neat and I may be completely losing my mind with nothing to do. In that case, please honestly tell me "Daria you have lost your mind" and promise to be firm but kind...and do not laugh! And send wine. Or chocolate.

For example, this weekend I vigorously cut down a huge jasmine vine plant that grew wildly out of control. I drag the huge plant onto the grass, leaving it for the gardeners to put in the green bin later that day. Of course, the little kid "helpers" find a great opportunity to play in and around the vines, pulling them out and whipping them around. I love how they can still find fun with the simplest of things.

I go inside the house to get some water and suddenly I hear this VERY LOUD squealing. And laughing. I look out the window and I see Quinn holding something by the tail. He sees me and screams "I got a HUGE lizard and I don't know if it's alive or dead but it's HUGE!!!" and more squeals. I grab my camera hoping to snap a shot of my boy holding a wild lizard, but by the time I make it out there to more squealing, he said it whipped up to his fingers and he dropped it back in the pile of vines. Darnit!
I easily spy the lizard and it's a big one. Ah, the typical friendly alligator lizard we often see in our backyard (they eat crickets and bugs...yea!). It's motionless with that expression of "if I don't move then they won't see me!". After I snap a few pictures, I reach down and see if it will let me grab it. Yep, it does alright. So, here I am, this wild and crazy woman holding this really cool big lizard like it's no big deal. Now that we are on a first name basis we call it "Lenny", and he's really really neat looking. We all stroke it for a little while, until it leaps out of my hands and runs for the bushes. That was SOOOOO COOL!!!

Next up, the kitchen pantry, linen closet, kid's closets, and guitar lessons. Not exactly climbing Mount Everest or establishing my million dollar business plan, but it's wonderfully cathartic and exactly perfect right now. All that other stuff will come in time, but clean closets and less clutter and the occasional lizard is good enough for now. In fact, I'm loving it!

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