Friday, November 27, 2009

Green Friday

Like most American's, I get a bit caught up in the hype about after Thanksgiving sales, oh, excuse me, THE Black Friday Sales. You know, the sales that some people camp out in front of a store on Wednesday for two nights, missing Thanksgiving, so they can save $100 on a laptop. The morning news weather man even said "Happy Black Friday" like it's some new national holiday.

I wonder how many unemployed on the verge of losing their home people ch
arged all kinds of stuff because omg! can't miss out on the mega deals. Me, well, I'll admit I looked online to see what my favorite stores were offering and even did the old fashioned method of looking through the hundreds of sale flyers that came bundled with Thursday's newspaper. I certainly like a good deal if I can find it, but the thought of all those crowds makes me cringe. But, hey, if some people think that it's all just fun and worthwhile and don't mind the crazy crowds, then hey, go for it. On the oppposite end, some friends write on Facebook that they are a part of a sort of anti-Black Friday movement and stay home out of protest. For me, newly unemployed with a very short list of gifts to give, chose to do my shopping another day and instead get the heck outside. Yes, OUTSIDE darnit.
Between my kids being sick one after another, then me being sick, it sure seems like I haven't had any exercise for weeks, let alone any decent nature time. Waaaaaay too long. I not only feel like a slug and restless, but hiking grounds me, makes me stop and admire the pretty, and I'm longing for that. So, instead of hiking around the mall, I chose to hike at one of my favorite hiking spots. Goodbye Black Friday and hello Green Friday. Aaah, much more my style.

My mom joins us for the hike and we all couldn't be any happier. The kids laugh, run, throw rocks in the water, look for walking sticks, analyze scat (animal poop), climb fallen trees, make guesses about animal homes, and get dirty, all while me and my mom follow behind and talk about all kinds of stuff and admire the beautiful Fall day.
We even come across a friendly snake, garter I think? A total treat indeed because I've never seen a snake in this area. Very cool!
After a picnic lunch of turkey sandwiches (love leftovers!) and mandarin oranges (from my overflowing tree), we head back to the car refreshed and smiling. This might just be the start of a new post-Thanksgiving tradition.
The rest of the day I feel rejuvenated and full of calm energy. I even convince my man, well, I maybe sort of coach the cute kids to convince their daddy that they love so so soooo much pretty please to take out the Christmas decoration boxes and put up the outside lights. I totally feel ready for the holidays. Bring it! And it's not because the major stores convinced me that shopping and spending money gives you holiday cheer, but because I did it my way.

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  1. Excellent choice! I love that you really enjoyed your Black Friday far away from the drama of stores. We shopped, but ONLY for our Christmas tree :) then we came back and decorated too. It felt good actually.