Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Victory pizza

So far this week has been one of those non-stop weeks, busy with appointments and a full "to do" list. I actually don't mind having lots to do because it makes the day go faster, but too many days of that and I always seem to suffer when I don't allow enough down time. Today I kind of hit my limit - my very six-year-old boy pushed and irritated me from the morning routine to the afternoon with attitude. When you ask a kid three times to get his shoes on because it's time to go to school and he doesn't do it and then you ask him why he wasn't listening to you and he responds "because it's boring" and then it teeters on getting ugly and then you barely make it to school on time, it tends to suck the very last drop of patience and nice mom attitude and turns me into grumpy not nice mom. I really hate going there.

I end up questioning my reactions, words, and decisions. Is it really his fault if I ask him THREE times and he ignores me? Isn't one time the magic number, and any thing after that trouble? Do I expect too much independence when it's better to offer help to get the job done? Oh man, I could go on and on. What it comes down to is that it's good to think about ways to get a better result, but, well, honestly, some days are just going to suck. I can't always be Wondermom and he isn't always going to be Superkid.

To make up for the not-so-great day, I decide to make homemade pizza. I know I know, food is not the answer, but sometimes it's all you've got. I am inspired by memories of the last "Uncle" Tony visit where he made us all individual pizzas that were waaaaay better than any frozen or even delivered pizza. Since then, I found a good pizza dough recipe and experimented with different toppings and sauces, but usually only make it for special occasions. I think today warrants such a treat. My daughter enthusiastically agrees to help, while my non-Superkid says he's "not interested" and trust me, I don't take it personally ... his loss. Their homemade whole wheat pizza crusts get an olive oil garlic oregano sauce topped with prosciutto and lots of cheese. My pizza gets the same yummy sauce and prosciutto with two sliced fresh garlic cloves, tomato slices, and a spicy garlic bread seasoning, and of course lots of cheese. Both get cooked on top of corn meal for that extra crunch and flavor.

The pizzas turn out fantastic in every way, if I do say so myself. We toast our milks and wine, enjoy the Big Night soundtrack playing in the background (a must have soundtrack for cooking Italian food), and talk about school, robots, plants, and Halloween. As I look at my smiling boy thoroughly enjoying his delicious pizza, I lean in and quietly ask him "So, how about you help out with making the pizza next time? I would really enjoy that" and he nods a big sincere YES and I know he means it. And, this opens the door to a nice and calm discussion about being a better listener and more helpful in the morning. I think he heard me this time. Chaaa ching!

I know I can't always win the parenting battle and it's good for them to have their own mind about things, after all, we raised them to be that way. But, sometimes the victory is all the more sweeter when I find creative Wondermom ways to make my point without a battle. Ah, the glorious smell of victory, ahem, I mean, pizza.

ps - most excellent pizza dough recipe


  1. Nice, Daria. And trust me, you're not alone and you don't have to be Supermom. I really believe that kids need the chance to get their arrrgggss out with us because we are safe. Pizza looks great and so do your beautiful children. (And you're not so bad yourself, you hot mama!)

  2. Tough mornings are the hardest, but it's like childbirth - you forget how hard it is when you have a wonderful moment like Victory Pizza!
    Not to be a naysayer or anything, but there will continue to be mornings where it just doesn't come together. Grab the shoes, and he can put them on in the car!