Thursday, October 15, 2009

Singin' loud with a smile, I reckon

A few weeks back when I was at the Hollywood Bowl, I got inspired to do something totally wild and crazy. Yep, that's me - almost, gasp, forty, and living on the wild side. I decided to host a Rodgers and Hammestein movie appreciation series for the me and my wild and crazy lady friends. Can you say themed potluck based on the movie, a different movie each month in order of release, sing-a-long captions, and fun! fun! fun! on a Saturday night?! Oh ya.
All exaggeration and trying-to-be-funny aside, it's all sort of old-fashioned "wholesome" fun. I mean, those classic movies provide such a feast for the eyes and ears - what amazing scenery, beautiful color, brilliant music, and talented actors. Silly thing, though, I always say I'm going to do stuff like movie night and never follow through with it and kick myself while feeling sorry for myself. This time I actually make it happen and it feels fantastic. Of course, it helps to now know a handful of fun and willing ladies to join me, that's for sure.

First up, Oklahoma! and what a grand movie night it is. The seven guests bring southern comfort food - cheese grits, black-eyed peas, ribs, buttermilk pie, potater salad, hush puppies...not a green thing in sight and we like it that way. Oh, don't forget the special drink of raspberry lemonade with vodka (or was that vodka with a splash of raspberry lemonade?). After filling our happy tummies, we get comfy in the living room and enjoy the movie. With the subtitles on, we sing along and laugh at the funny "country" dialogue, like "purdy", "foot!" (curse word), and "hussy". Shirley Jones shines in her first role, those cowboys were totally macho tap dancin' and singin', the bizarre but laughable dream sequence, and the sentimental
romance. And, oh man, the sexual innuendo was rampant, with horny cowboys and coy rancher gals trying their, uh hum, hardest to get with each other. I love how my ladies don't hold back and totally go along with it, heckling and laughing...and smiling. They would have fun watching a horrible movie - they are great like that.There is such a joy that comes from planning a night like this and enjoying watching it successfully unfold. I was always the one that heard about gatherings like this, like Bunco or music night, and wished I was included and part of a group like that. And, here I am the one that makes it happen. Me, the quiet one with zero friends only a few years ago, go figure, huh!? I'm thinking it's about stopping with the excuses and insecurities and just doing it. I hold myself back with the "what if no one wants to come?" or the "what if they have a sucky time?" lame mentality. As a result, I'd end up with nothing all because of fear and lack of courage. I'm thinking I need to continue on this positive path and get over that or I'll miss out on more of the good stuff, an' I reckon ther gud times orta be plenty. Like Curly sings, "I got a beautiful feelin' ev'rythin's goin' my way", I'm feelin' quite rosey indeed.


  1. That is such a great idea!! I love it! I'm so glad you pushed yourself and did it. I love the themed food, too. Fantastic idea.

    You need to do Mondo Beyondo! I think you would love it. Next class is in January and it's reasonably priced.


  2. hey, it's not horrible! Corny, yes. I love those chestnuts, though. That sounds like a really fun night!

  3. How fun!!! I totally know what you are talking about with the no friends/fear everyone would have a sucky time (or, not come!) feelings. And, the fact that you MADE IT HAPPEN rather than just wondering about it... well, that is a very BRAVE thing to do. Funny thing is, after doing something like that we kinda wonder WHY we were so scared in the first place! What movie are you planning next?

  4. As long as you don't host Pollyanna marathons replete with straw hats you're still very hip.

  5. well i for one am not only proud of you, but happy to be included in the fun. honestly next time i'm wearing my jammies (whether christy does or not!) can't wait for the next singalong.