Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slowing down and smelling the brownies

It's a regular school day, except I'm running late. I hate being late and rarely ever show up anywhere late. However, I'm distracted and struggling this morning with thoughts of a funeral that I'm attending in a few hours. The funeral service is for a young man, one of my husband's closest work friends, and it's horribly sad and my mind is all over the place. I manage to make breakfast and lunch for the kids, shower and dress, put on my makeup, make sure my kids are presentable, and drill sergeant them out the door (go! go! late! late! hustle! hurry!). Only, when I walk around to my side of the car that's parked on the street I find this:
and the soooo very thoughtful present the $#@%&*^!!! hit-and-run driver left behind:

Now, normally I would get kind of upset, eat some chocolate, take pictures, call my husband, more chocolate, call the cops, call my mommy, scour the neighborhood for the $%^&^*@! offender, call the insurance, then overdose on more chocolate and sugar. But, I can't do that. We are late for school, husband is already at the funeral, I am going to a funeral, mom is on a cruise ship somewhere in Greece, and, gasp, I am out of chocolate. Uh huh, even my emergency stash is gone. I stay calm and do what I have to do, after all, no one else is responsible for handling this but me. It can all wait until after the most important event of the day - the funeral to honor a well loved man.

When I get home, I deal with my car stuff. I can't believe it that my car just got fixed a month ago after a co-worker parked her big suv into my passenger door. Ya, it sucks and I'm not happy about it and I can think of a whole list of things I'd rather spend the $500 deductible on, like the camera lens I want so badly or my new guitar or a new tv to replace the old one in the bedroom. But, oh man, thank goodness I have full insurance and don't have to pay $2500 to fix my car. It's all just extra "stuff" anyway. That a-hole hit-and-run driver could have just as easily crashed into my house or my children's room, or what if we were in the car when it happened? Or getting out of the car? I certainly could go on and on about the alternatives that are far far worse. But, at some point I stop myself and think about all that I do have instead. It feels much better. That list of "blessings" is way longer than my $500 wish-list for sure. And, making my favorite amazing yummy gooey chocolaty homemade brownies helps a wee bit, too.

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