Monday, September 14, 2009

Magnetic message

After my rather annoying day at work (where the countdown has begun toward my final days there), frustrating traffic, my cranky mood, and lack of chocolate in the house (oh the horror!), my son enthusiastically tells me I must see what he has made for me. I am guided down the hall with giggles and smiles over to my bedroom door and this is what brings a tear to my eyes...a message from my cute boy to me, a woman on the edge of reason, made out of Magnetix:
All that negative stuff I mentioned before? Gone. Erased. Unimportant. Bye bye! I am instantly reminded about what really matters...and I let my sweet loving angel know it with a barrage of hugs and kisses and squeezes. He is so proud of himself as he whispers "Did you see the 'U'? It's made out of primary colors." He has absolutely no idea how much I need that right now, or, humm, maybe sometimes he instinctively knows me better than I do. Ya, kids are pretty neat like that.

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