Friday, June 12, 2009

A rosey perspective

The end of the school year is on my mind. My plans are to relish these last few days of relative freedom and take full advantage of my precious time alone to check off items on my list of things to do and run various errands (places that are much better without two kids in tow). So, yesterday after I did some work and cleaning, I head out get a few things done before I pick up the kids. I make it to the post office to mail a package that's been sitting in my car for a ridiculous two months. Done. Whoohoo! Next up, Trader Joe's to buy some much needed items. I am on a roll! Then it happens - my cell phone rings. It's school. Uh oh. Quinn has a fever and feels yucky. Darnit. DARNIT!!!!! I reroute and head for the school. So much for my ambitious plans.

Silly me for thinking I was in charge. Life, especially parenting life, likes to make it's own plans with or without our blessings. I have no choice but to surrender and make the most of it. This morning after I waive goodbye to Talia who is being taken to school by my more-than-willing-to-help-out mom since Quinn is not going to school, I slowly walk up to my front door and on the way I literally stop and smell my blooming roses. Gorgeous and instant mood lifter. I announce to myself and the family of snails "I'm going to cut some roses!" and bring in three different amazing smelling and brightly colored gems.

So, while I rotate between taking care of my sick child, my current difficult puzzle (tons and tons of sky!), and work on my laptop at the table, I smile at and smell my beautiful roses and feel totally relaxed and calm. Unlike my girlfriend who only recently was able to take her adorable baby daughter in public after being confined to home for the first seven months of her life (she's fine and thriving now thank goodness), this is only temporary. It's actually a blessing in a weird way. It's humbling and makes me feel grateful. How lucky I am to be so easily available for my relatively healthy children when they need me the most. I am reminded that I don't have much control over things and how good it feels to surrender. And those lovely roses that are all mine and there for my enjoyment for months and months each year - I sure love them. On the other hand, if I get this latest round of whatever this sickness is, I won't be singing such a happy smelling tune. Humm, maybe I'll just go ahead and join my loudly snoring child for a little afternoon shut-eye myself. Zzzzz.....

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