Thursday, June 11, 2009

Looking toward summer

Maybe it's all this annual seemingly endless June gloom - the cool overcast mornings that teases bits of sunlight all day. Or, perhaps it's these last few weeks in the school year that have tested my last nerves because my kids (and most of the kids in their classroom) are all out of whack and anxious and have too much pent up energy and are forgetting to be respectful people and my very own sweet kids fight more and more each day and mimic other classmates who aren't so nice and I've just about had it! So, ya, I am beyond ready for summer break for all of the above reasons...and more.

I am well aware of the term "Be careful what you wish for" and in a few weeks I might be going out of my mind trying to keep my kids occupied and sane. Plus, I'm used to having over 6 hours a day to do as I please and I love my new found freedom. But, there is definitely something to be said about getting grounded again - being less restricted all day and the feeling of freedom to explore in the great outdoors and focusing more on themselves and our family rather than a classroom full of mixed personalities and moods and rules. Don't get me wrong, I am not putting down school or the other classmates. This first school year was wonderful. But for my two young children who spent the first five years of their lives mostly outdoors or doing calm quiet activities and around a few close buddies, this whole 6.5 hours a day five days a week thing was a complete change in lifestyle and view of the world. They not only learned how to read, multiply, and recite the food pyramid, but also the names of all of the Transformers and expressions like 'what tha?', 'naner-naner pants on fire', and 'stupidhead'. A classic school education indeed!

While my ideas about the summer include lots of swimming, beach, sun, hikes, favorite places that we miss, new places to explore, visiting with old and new friends, and easy going days with no plans at all, I am also aware that it will never be like it was before school came into our lives. My children are still the same wonderful people that I love, but a lot different, too. Not only do they look more mature and are a few inches taller (our food bill seemed to double - yikes!), but their small world is no longer just about what I want for them. They have stronger opinions, moods, emotions, and preferences that I don't always agree with, but that's what is supposed to happen, right?

I'm honestly a little worried that I won't be able to cut it anymore. Will I go out of my mind from lack of personal freedom that I'm accustomed to now? Can I keep their days interesting and fun? Am I being way too hard on myself and over thinking things? Like I said to Talia the other night when she was crying that she will miss school and her friends, I'm guessing she will be crying when it's time to go back to school because of all the fun she will have this summer. Maybe, just maybe, it will be better than ever because we will now appreciate those places and activities and friends that we miss so much. I think it's better to remind myself of the expression "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" which might help dissolve those insecurities and instead make me feel hopeful...and a little excited. Oh, now I can't wait!


  1. You are going to have a blast with your kids this summer. I hope they forget the bad habits they have learned from their classmates. I am sure they will. I cant wait to hear their summer adventures.

  2. You'd be proud of me. I have a whole schedule set up for the kids!

    Monday - Cleaning and writing. We will be HOME all day catching up.

    Tuesday - Hiking or sports of some kind

    Wednesday - Dance or music of some kind

    Thursday - Adventure Day! Cherry picking! Um... well, not that. Ha ha.

    Friday - Cooking and market day

    Saturday - Library! We're doing the summer reading club. Want to join so we can do the activities together?

    Sunday - Church and family

    Yeah for some order this summer! Now lets watch it fall apart!