Sunday, May 31, 2009

Big little bits

My daughter, the budding young photographer in training, took this picture of me wearing my new necklace that I got in the mail today. I could not resist ordering it from this new organization run by local women called 31 Bits

Now, don't get me wrong, I really really really dislike it when do-gooders brag about their do-gooding to make us all feel inadequate and not as saint-like as them. But, in this case I'll just pretend that there was nothing philanthropic in my mind about buying this jewelry for my oh-so selfish self. Forget the fact that it's handmade from recycled paper by creative women in Uganda. I only see the flawless workmanship and beautiful color that will look great with so many of my outfits. The fact that my single purchase helps aid these spirited women in this war-torn country racked with endemic poverty is just bonus. Feeding children, providing schooling, access to proper health care, and hope for a better future? Well, ya, I guess that's kind of worthwhile. Wait wait, I mean, it's worthwhile to update my wardrobe, and, ya, might have to check out that pretty long green one soon...


  1. I love the necklace. I love the color too! Talia is a great photographer.

  2. Wow, that's a great necklace. And the nostril angle - fabulous. Very Annie Lebowitz mixed with Peanuts.