Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birds eye view

Since the beginning of March, I eagerly check in daily with a Caltrans eagle cam . It broadcasts from a tall tree pointed down at a huge bald eagle's nest. I watched the bald eagle pair take turns diligently sitting on their three eggs, three eggs hatch one by one, the feeding of the tiny eaglets, and now the huge eaglets on the verge of flying away to fend for themselves and start families of their own. Watching the growth of these eaglets is wonderful - from rooting for them to survive against the odds, to worry when the camera malfunctioned for over a week, to guessing what the meal is (fish or rabbit?), to learning more about these beautiful eagles, and sharing it all with my children. The enjoyment is shared by our whole family and awaiting their eminent departure is bittersweet. I just love those eagles!

I ask myself why the fascination with this? In our reality world with a constant barrage of scary and bad news, it's a welcome departure to witness a slice of something happy and before now, mostly unseen. It feels good to be hopeful that these eagles will continue to thrive and produce more eaglets next year. The eagles don't care if they have a huge online fan base, they just care about their next meal and potential predators. It's basic and simple and, quite frankly, refreshing.

I'll check back next February to hopefully see the return of the eagle pair, ready to continue the cycle for another year. But, in the meantime I'll try to be amused by other sites I discovered while researching the popular eagle pair, like the cheeky squirrel family in Santa Monica or the huge collection of excellent bird cams around the world, oh, and the large unusual looking flower that's about to bloom in my own front yard.

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