Monday, May 11, 2009

Unexpected Surprises

10 Unexpected Surprises about My Life Right Now

1. I have a close friend also named Daria (we were both named after a character from the same movie, Zabriskie Point, and we have almost identical middle names). Weird.

2. I live within walking distance from the former site of the hospital where I was born (it has since been demolished and soon-to-be a new high school).

3. I’m still working at the same movie studio after sixteen great years. Oh the places I’ve traveled and the people I’ve met! Favorite star sighting and story…Katherine Hepburn. 4. I have twins (it’s still unbelievable, even after two psychics in my early 20’s told me I would).

5. I am still married, to the same special man, for almost twelve wonderful years. The odds were against me and I secretly always thought I was doomed. I don’t feel that way anymore. I beat the odds!

6. I like myself much much better now that I am a mother. Having kids profoundly changed me in more ways than I can list or comprehend.

7. I cry a lot more about happy things than about sad things. How did I become such a sap?

8. I can count more close friends in my life than ever before, but I often get insecure and worry that they will all suddenly decide I suck and I’ll be friendless and lonely again like I was in my early 20’s.

9. I am amazed at how therapeutic writing is and the more I dig and express my guarded thoughts the prouder I feel about my writing…and the better I get. I convinced myself in college that math was easier and more satisfying because you know when you get the right answer, but, boy oh boy was I wrong. 

10. Like my writing of this little blog, I love the rewards of stepping out my of comfort zone, even if it’s baby steps. I’ve done that more in the last few years than in my whole life, and so far I've been totally blessed and lucky. If only I could take a big leap and do something totally risky. I need to believe in myself more and not be so scared. I would love to start my own business...or apply for The Amazing Race!


  1. I love reading your unexpected surprises. I wish there were more than 10.

  2. #3...Other than MOM, I had no idea what your "other" job was!

    #4...that never stops surprising me either...and for me it was my mom who always said I'd have twins. Even when I thought I was completely infertile she would say that.


    #7...Why is that? It sorta sucks when you are trying to be "brave"

    #8....LMAO!!!! NEVER would anyone decide you suck.

    #9...some people were born to write. Good thing you figured that out about yourself. Math isn't better than writing! What would you be doing with that NOW that you are a mom with so much to document?

  3. kind, gentle daria doesn't suck. she's smart and funny (and kind and gentle - redundant) and an amazing writer too! i love spending time with her in nature because she notices everything and likes to photograph it (like me). she kicks my ASS with her blogging and inspires me to do the same. and i don't get to see nearly enough of her! one of my unexpected surprises will be to change that! love ya!