Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hello pink eye

My kindergartners went back to school on Tuesday after a short spring break. It was bittersweet for sure. During the break we did lots of fun stuff and saw many good friends (and some new ones, too). But, I won't lie. It was a challenge for me the first few days because I'm so spoiled with my new found personal time. Oh, I need some more milk? I'll just run over to TJ's. Lunch with a girlfriend? When and where. Not so much with two energetic five year olds in tow. I was grateful for our bonding time and also happy to get back to my routine.

With the kids back in school, I spent my entire day on Tuesday cleaning, working, and chillin' at home. I watched a weeks worth of General Hospital and organized my jewelry. Why not since I had the rest of the week to get out and do stuff. So, what happens Wednesday morning? Quinn complains about his eye being "sticky" and I take one look and know right eye. You know, the dreaded red crusty highly contagious must have prescription drops pink eye. But, from what I gather, it's just one of those school aged things that's almost inevitable like lice, colds, and learning new curse words.

After dropping off Talia at school, we stopped by the grocery store for some chamomile tea bags (good for soothing the eyes) and rocky road ice cream, because you always need ice cream when you are home sick, like a big box of tissue and bad tv. Luckily I still had a full unused bottle of eye drops for this very thing left over from our urgent care visit early last month (the flu virus they had might make pink eye). I guess everything happens for a reason.

So, hunkered down with a binder full of kid movies to watch, puzzles, games, dance music, etc., we passed the next two days with surprising calm, fun, and humor. You just have to give in to this sort of stuff - can't fight it. Life is tricky that way - just when you think you are top of things, you get thrown a curve ball. I won't be so thrilled if I get the gooey red eyes because I much anticipated social plans for the next few days. But, ya, I know pink eye is nothing in the scheme of life, and maybe it's just a nice opportunity to not take life so seriously sometimes.
**above Quinn doing the twist to "You Never Can Tell" by Chuck Berry (think Pulp Fiction) and later his special guitar performance for his Star Wars figures ... I can't say these last two days were boring by any stretch

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