Monday, April 13, 2009

Embrace the mess

While I’m washing the endless pile of dirty dishes in my sink, I stare out the window at a huge Easter party going on across the street at the park. There are at least nine awnings over countless tables and tons of smiling people. The energy is happy and they are loud and playful. I wonder if it’s a family or a church group or what? Regardless, it’s lovely to see and I can’t help but be a bit envious.

My holiday was decidedly less social. My man worked and me and the kids went to my mom’s for breakfast and a short egg hunt outside. The menu wasn’t fancy, just some quiche, fruit, kugel, sausage, etc., oh, and some amazing blueberry lemon coffee cake that we made from scratch that morning. The kids loved their baskets (the Easter bunny goes to Grandma’s, too, you know). Quinn was particularly giddy about an R3 Golden Star Wars action figure and Talia was in her element working on a big puzzle on the island counter. It sure was nice to spend some quality time with my finally healthy mom after many weeks of her being sick.

Once we peeled away from the addictive puzzle and got back home we played, played, and then played some more. And, I came up with a new phrase. You know the riddle about the towel that the more it dries the wetter it becomes? Well, I’ve realized that the more I clean the messier it becomes. It’s still the usual mess, but the more I make each room a spotless organized masterpiece of clean, the more a stray sock or strewn toys totally bothers me. If the room was still a tornado of chaos, then a pile of dominoes or a parking lot of toy cars makes no difference at all.

It’s like my cat, Sydney. She used to stay close by like a supervisor while I cleaned her litter box, then the second I walked away, she dove in and did her business. Could I scold her for making the litter box dirty again? Actually, it was a bit of a running joke to see how long it took her. Should I never clean out the poop and pee because it would just get messy again? Of course not – having people over to the house without embarrassment is a nice thing. Like laundry and dishes, it’s never-ending and that’s life.

Just like my Easter holiday was completely mellow and quiet by choice instead of like the big party across the street, I have to look at the positive and what I have instead of what I don’t. Not only do I still have my mom around, but she lives near and we have a loving and close relationship. We are perfectly okay if it’s just us. Dishes in the sink mean we are well fed and that we enjoyed making that yummy coffee cake all together as a family. A full bounty of toys and stuff to organize and clothes to fold means we are well provided for in these tough times. Many many blessing for sure.

Now I’m not saying that discovering the tooth brush toothpaste art smear all over the bathroom mirror right after I spent thirty minutes cleaning the bathroom doesn’t make me want to breakdown and cry in defeat (how could they!!??!!). Like the expression, “never trust a skinny chef”, I’m realizing that a home without a constant mess means there isn’t enough fun and play going on and that would be a real shame indeed.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words. For me, the holiday was peaceful and nurturing. Your children brought me joy and you shared your heart - you made it a very special and uplifting day for me. Much love, Mom.