Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy 100 posts to me!

I started my blog last August to figure out if I could write and regardless, push myself to get better and to also have a reason for taking more pictures. I’ve never considered myself a writer, but ever since I was in junior high taking several semesters of beloved photography classes, I’ve always enjoyed being a novice photographer. I still treasure my totally manual Pentax K1000 camera! Just like I used to develop and print my own pictures, it’s uplifting to also cultivate the undiscovered writer in me, challenging myself to accurately express personal observations, struggles, and optimism.

Looking back over these past 99 posts, I’ve realized a lot about myself and chronicled many important events in my life: my children starting school, unexpectedly making new wonderful friends, struggles with sleep deprivation, way too many sick days, lots of soup, me time, local fires, trips, losing my job, parenting struggles, and of course the fun adventures of R2.

Mostly my inspirations come from taking pictures (yea for my little camera that’s always in my purse), interactions with people and places, my children, and being in a mental place where I notice the small stuff that makes life rich. Oh, and my mostly optimistic attitude, but I’ll be the first one to admit that sleep deprivation and being sick makes that more challenging to keep on the sunny side of life. But, no one wants to read about a perpetually cheery person with a perfect life who never has any difficulties, right? My continued goal is to write about both the good and the not-so-good, but always with an optimistic twist which will hopefully not only affect others but keep myself on the right track, too. After all, I’m a firm believer that attitude is one of the few things we can control, but sometimes we need a little help to make that switch in the right direction.

When I think about the biggest rewards of my blog I’m filled with an abundance of warm thoughts. Not only do I love being more inspired than ever to capture beautiful moments in pictures, but I also feel blessed from the amazing support and feedback from my husband, family, friends, and readers. Thank you so very much! Most importantly, I gain the most reward after finishing a post that I feel proud of, especially when I dig deep and find the perfect words to express my thoughts. Even if only a handful of people ever read my blog, that seemingly small sense of personal satisfaction is huge and will hopefully carry me through another 100 posts. My daughter asked me the other day "Why are we in this life?" to which I simply answered "To learn and to have fun". I look forward to finding out where my posts will take me next.


  1. You're the one who pushed me to write and now your blog is a great source of inspiration and warm feelings for me. It's a delight to read of your challenges and victories, how you are so determined to make the best of everything, and how life so richly rewards your efforts. Plus your pictures are wonderful!

    Much love, Mom

  2. Congratulations Daria! I am often inspired by what you write and how you record it. You are gifted both with words and with your camera. I absolutely love the picture that's on your header right now. Just beautiful!

  3. That is awesome! Happy 100th Postniversary!

  4. Congrats girlfriend on the big 100! I'm now inspired to get 10 out before I'm 100!