Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pajama day for the soul

These last few weeks have been difficult - sort of off balance and unsettling. I rode the short wave of hope and happiness after the historic presidential events on January 20th, but I have to say it’s been a downward slide roller coaster ever since. Of course I didn’t think that a new president would miraculously fix all of the major problems, but with depressing economic news that seems to get worse and worse by the day with “the worst yet to come”, compounded by bitter-sweet news of the end of my great part-time job, to many friends dealing with personal emotional difficulties, and much more. I feel like a football player getting tackled over and over again before I gain any real footing.

While I'm grateful for the many blessings of my life, it takes a lot of will power and supportive people to keep seeing the rays of sunshine through the clouds. I find comfort in thinking positive and maintaining a familiar routine of good things. Some people aim to just keep busy and social, while others might learn toward personal vices for emotional relief. Hey, what ever works for you. While all this is good, sometimes it can be just as simple as enjoying a day of leisure at home. Putting aside the “I shoulds” and doing whatever lazy thing you feel like doing (or not doing) can be more productive than anything else on the busy list.

Remember the old fashioned idea of resting for one day a week? This is exactly what we did today and it felt great. During my morning coffee, I reviewed the list of activities to do and special events around town today and asked the kids if anything sounded good to them. What I got were unenthusiastic responses and a plea to just stay in pajamas at home all day. After thinking about it (and fighting my “shoulds”) I agreed to their plan and am happy that I did. We made forts, lego airplanes, and chocolate milk. We did easy homework, a few minutes each of fun computer time, and made chocolate chip cookies. We watched the most recent Charlotte’s Web for the first time and us sappy girls cried at the happy/sad ending (cheers! to a good cry). It sounds like a busy day, but it doesn’t feel like that to me. It feels peaceful and grounding and precious. After all, the zoo will be there next weekend and the museums can wait for another day. Times are somber, the week is long and exhausting, and if we don’t allow ourselves to recharge and just “be” once in a while it all might take a toll and I want to avoid that happening. And, what’s better than a day of easy relaxation that allows us to set our worries free for a while? I’m thinking this weekly day of rest needs to be added to my comforting routine of good things. Aaaaah…

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  1. How lovely! The past couple of weekends I've had my list of "weekend things to do", but I seem to have a lot of down time in between. This is where I've always had a long commute... now I've fallen into the "shoulds". I think you are right about having time to relax and be worry free for a while. Ha - since Super Bowl Sunday I've, not knowingly, found my way to Oxygen... and their "America's Next Top Model" marathons! It's usually just on in the background, but it maes me totally forget my worries or a while. (wait... I shouldn't tell anyone about this, should I?) :-)

    And... I am envious you have the kids to do nothing with! Enjoy!