Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My skate date

I recently decided it was time for my kids to learn how to roller skate after a friend of mine told me about inexpensive lessons at a local rink. It was like a ding ding ding in my head that this was a great thing to do right now. I absolutely LOVED roller skating as a kid and, geez, why wouldn’t I want my kids to experience that same kind of thrill?! Well, four beginner lessons later and they made absolutely no progress. In fact, they said “it was boring” and were obviously not having much fun. My first thought was that maybe it’s just not their thing and fought against feeling disappointed about that, but wait a darn minute! That’s not exactly teaching them a good lesson, now is it?! I’m not a high pressure perfectionist mom that expects my kids to excel at everything, in fact I'm pretty laid back, but there has to be a better way to go about this besides an hour lesson once a week. Like their parents, my kids are just not the athletic types which means they might need a little more effort and patience than others. So, I came up with Plan B – practice more and try inline skates instead of the traditional four wheels. Lucky for us, Grandma was more than eager and generous to help out and equipped them with their own fancy inline skates and a new lease on skating.

After we converted the playroom to our very own roller rink, they tested out their new skates and lo and behold…they had a blast! Wow did they do so much better. Ding ding ding…mommy was right! Score one for me. They are now more than prepared for the skate day fundraiser for my mothers of multiples club on Sunday and I feel so proud. So, Sunday we wake up and Talia crawls into bed with…a raging fever. Of all days! She was just sick two weeks ago! This can’t be happening. But, Quinn is so looking forward to the skate day that he insists on going solo. So, while Talia watches tv on the couch with her dad, me and Quinn pack up our skates and drive to the rink. I have visions of skate dancing to great music and the disco ball and having a fantastic time. We stroll in and these two unfamiliar moms are setting up for a birthday party and they stop to stare at me like what is this weird lady doing here. So I mumbled something and quickly walked,uh um, ran back to the car as I held hands with a very sad little boy with that look on his face that I would do anything to make go away. A quick call to my husband confirmed that I had the wrong day. Boy did I feel like a lame mom for doing that to him.

Instead of feeling defeated, I felt determined to see this through and drove to a local park with a nice bike trail that would be perfect for skating practice. What we found was a deserted park with two large and very smooth basketball courts beckoning to us. Perfect! I wasn’t going to let the freezing cold or impending rain stop us. And, what followed was watching my son smile wide as he became more and more confident skating faster and faster and laughing and looking at me skating with him with such happy eyes and it just doesn’t get much better than that. He learned the joy of skating on his own terms – just like his mommy likes to do. Being a part of that special moment brings me such incredible joy. And, to top it all off, I think I learned more than him – it’s okay to try different things and just because it might not exactly turn out the way I envision, don’t give up but be flexible and open my creative mind to the alternatives and just go for it. Oh man, the possibilities are exciting and scary and totally necessary right now. It's funny how a day like that could start off so seemingly wrong but actually turn out to be the most perfect timing after all.


  1. what a great day it turned out to be. I hope Talia is feeling better

  2. Great shot and great story. You're such an insightful person.