Sunday, January 25, 2009

The truth about the blanket

Yep, that's me at the ridiculously tan age of nineteen on the tail end of my life changing two week trip to Baja. Last stop was a few "luxurious" days at a hotel in Cabo before heading home. That blue, pink, and green blanket you see wrapped around me I bought on the hotel beach from one of those guys carrying fifty pounds of tourist goods to sell in long pants and never breaking a sweat. How do they do that?! Anyway, back to my story…I still have it to this day and it's one of my fondest processions. It's been affectionately dubbed "The Sleepy Blanket" and I forgot to add it to my what-would-I-grab-if-I-had-to-evacuate list from my previous post.

How did it get that name, you wonder? Because every time I (or an unsuspecting victim) lay down and cover up with the blanket, it's inevitable that deep blissful sleep will soon follow. I don't know what it is. Maybe the energy from the carefree days in Baja embedded in the soft fibers? Maybe it's like a placebo - you think it induces sleep therefore you must sleep? I do know that it's warm and soft and there for me when I’m cold, need comfort, or have trouble sleeping. It's not like a Linus security blanket leaving dust in the wake - I don't have to have it. However, and I’m actually a little shy to admit, but here goes…I love my sleepy blanket and hope I have it forever and ever and ever.

When I volunteered in the kindergarten classroom last week, I helped the kids pack up their stuff and get ready go home. This little boy was having trouble stuffing his nap blanket into his backpack, so offered him some help. I said “Oh, are you bringing that home to be washed?” and he said “Nooo, I have to bring it home…it’s my special blanket”. It struck me as really cute and endearing and got me thinking. It’s so simple when you are young. When you get even a little bit scared you cry. When you need a hug you insist on one. If you can only go to sleep with your worn out pink bear snuggle you aren’t afraid to admit it and if grandma forgot to pack it in your suitcase your mommy drives all the way back to grandma’s because it means that much to you and she doesn’t want to hear you cry yourself to sleep for a painful hour of mommy-torture!

Then, we hit a certain age and none of that is so cool anymore. It’s hip to be tough and grown-up and fearless. That goes on for many angst ridden years. Then, you hit a certain age when you are on your own and you care less about what other people think and crave those comforts again. As adults, we soothe ourselves more by things that we do, like going for a run, baking, drinking, volunteering, reading, etc. Maybe that’s why I love my blanket so much. It’s just so simple. It does all the work. It makes me happy. I’m not sure if other people I know have anything like this? Perhaps a pair of perfectly fitting worn in jeans? A sentimental piece of jewelry? A favorite tea cup? I’m most curious to know…
(That's Talia curled up with my beloved blanket)


  1. That was a great post! I don't know if I have anything like that. I'll have to ponder. But yes, I get 100% what you are saying. Blanketing you with love, girl! See you in a few hours...

  2. ((sob)) I'm going to go put on my ratty old high school sweatshirt and maybe even a scrunchie! Then I am going to curl up with the flannel quilt my mother made me and watch The Office. I don't care who sees!

    Beautiful post.

  3. Look, I sent this in and you are featured on fivestarfriday!

  4. You are being featured on Five Star Friday!

  5. I admit to having my own snuggly blanket... and being wrapped in it RIGHT NOW. (Nowadays it's my internet blanket, lol.)

  6. Ok, but don't tell anyone at the club. LOL. Every night to this day I sleep hugging "Dolly" My kids now call her "Mama's Lovey" lol. Dolly was my first pillow. My mom made her for me from special down she brought with her from Mexico when she got married. I am sure there is some hygenic reason why I shouldn't still have her (though I do stick her in the dryer as Dr. Oz suggests) but I will NEVER part with her. She travels with me even for a weekend. You bet she was right there in the hospital with me for the 8 WEEKS I was there nesting before giving birth. So, yea, I understand...LOL!!!