Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seven minutes

Ten days ago we had a 40th birthday party for my husband. There were no kids and lots of drinks and food. So, here on my counter are the final remnants - twenty or so beers just waiting patiently to be put away in the cabinet. And, I walk past this collection I don't know how many times a day yet they remain untouched. I'm not blaming my husband because men aren't wired to notice these sort of things. If he does see the beer, then I think he might think that I have plans for the beers and doesn't want to mess with my intentions. The beers simply sit there because putting them away means standing on a step stool and cleaning out the high cabinet that contains our overflowing unorganized supply of sodas, juice, beer, etc., and standing on this step stool and doing that sort of work just has no appeal whatsoever. Fortunately, after I took this picture, I got inspired and took the huge step of tackling the cabinet and the beers. And it took a whole seven minutes. This was hardly worth the ten days of being annoyed with myself. Yep, seven minutes.

Tell me why I start packing up the Christmas decorations the morning after Christmas, yet some things, okay many things that desperately need attention collect dust day after day. Maybe it's something about the post-holiday itch to de-clutter, organize, clean, and take care of the current year before we enter into a new one that's got me thinking. I know I'm not alone in this because, without fail, the stores put the well-stocked plastic bins and organizer items on full front display the day after Christmas, much like the new swim suits in January. Clever!

I've noticed for the most part, this is mainly a female urge and we are usually the only ones bothered by the dreaded piles and various out-of-place objects. My friend goes out of her mind over her husband's complete lack of tidiness, especially when he routinely leaves used paper towels randomly scattered around the house. She even tested him once by leaving his used coffee cup on a living room end table and it sat there so long it started to get moldy. Did he think she was doing a science experiment or did he even notice it was there? I'm voting for the latter.

But, if it's our own neurosis, is it fair to get so irritated about it all? Well, ya, I think so. I pity the frustrated wife who cringes at the Christmas lights still up on the house in May. What if the paper towels never went in the trash and six months go by of daily dirty paper towel accumulation and their house would be floor to ceiling unsanitary fire hazard trash! If I never put away the beer, then eventually Jason would drink it all - no harm, right? Well, then we all might as well keep all of our non-perishable food on the counter, laundry unfolded on the couch, dishes in the drainer, toys scattered everywhere, and lights up all year. Simple and convenient? Yes! Unsightly, embarrassing, and sloppy? Yes, too!

So, as I smile at my newly beer-free counter, I relish the moment, and then quickly make a list of all the other things needing my attention: the crayons all over the kitchen table, the pile of left-over holiday chocolate and sweets, and the now full Christmas decoration boxes needing to be moved into the garage. Perhaps I should grab the chocolate and sit down at the table and eat it while drawing some pictures with my kids. Besides, the boxes are way too heavy for me to carry all the way out to the garage. I'll remind my man about it...next year...

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  1. oh yes, i always pack up chritmas decor the day after x-mas too!