Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grilled cheese and Kyle

Today I had a friend lunch date that was a no-show due to total miscommunication (damn email!), a newly very assertive son who is pushing all of my patience buttons (it's a good thing, but damn it wears on my nerves), a husband stuck at a serious hazardous materials spill until who knows when, the reality that my weekend getaway traveling partner is probably too sick to travel tomorrow, and to top it off I've had a frustrating blogger block for over a week. What an off day for sure. Once the kids are soundly asleep in bed, I make a comfort meal for myself and surrender. I put together a dinner of a grilled Colby jack cheese sandwich on yummy french bread, fancy sweet potato chips, and a glass of a $7 bottle Cabernet. I curl up on the couch and start watching a two week old Tivo'd episode of Friday Night Lights, and mentally attempt let it all go while I eat the delicious crunchy gooey goodness of my comfort meal, sip down my wine savoring the aaaaaah moment, smile at the sight of my man Kyle Chandler on the tv, put down my plate to give my coughing kid some Motrin so he will go back to sleep, then back to the couch to finish my much deserved albeit slightly colder meal.

Could it have been any more perfect? Yes, of course. Sourdough makes the best grilled cheese ever, maybe with a variety of three or four tasty gourmet cheeses with some fresh cut beefsteak tomatoes from my summer garden, seasoned thick fries, and a $100 bottle of wine. But, you know, it was perfect for the moment, and here I am writing, finally, and feeling not so blah after all. I don't expect my sick friend to miraculously recover or my husband to suddenly come home and give me a foot rub while cleaning the dirty house. It does feel good to be a woman who knows what it takes for me to make my tired soul feel a little bit better all by myself. And, knowing that I have a stash of excess advent calendar chocolate candy that I'm going to raid really helps, too. I'll deal with tomorrow...tomorrow.

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  1. LOVE it! those moments bring such peace, particularly the part about doing it all by myself, no reliance on anyone else to feel better.