Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Packing list

Over a week ago when I was packing up me and the kids to escape to the beach from the intense smoke, I had a conversation with Jason before leaving. Since he was staying home, we talked about "if we had to evacuate our home, what would you pack in the car". We've never really talked about this before and I think I just needed peace of mind knowing that he knew what I valued most.

Here is my list:

- Our computer (pictures and files)
- Wedding album, childhood photo albums (kids albums when I get around to doing them)
- the painting we brought back from Tuscany, Italy (every time I look at it I remember our
fabulous (pre-kids) trip)
- my box of Santas (if possible, I buy one on every vacation and mark the bottom with place
and date - it's a trip down memory lane every Christmas and I love them)
- my favorite pair of jeans, that is, if I'm not wearing them (hey, it's hard to find a great pair)
- my jewelry (trust me, I don't have anything fancy)
- my Canon camera

And, that is it. Talia says she wants her snuggle, and Quinn wants his legos. Jason says the computer, wedding album, and then shrugs when I ask if there is anything else. Ya, he's simple that way.

I attended my kid's school assembly yesterday, and each class took turns going on stage presenting and saying what they were thankful for in their life. The #1 thing was their family and friends ("I'm thankful for my mom and dad 'cause they made me"), then the earth, their home, being alive, and food. Not one student mentioned their Wii or big screen television or iPod. What meant the most to them is the basics - the same things that kids around the world value every day. Yes, yes, being the big sap that I am now, I got a little choked up and felt all warm and fuzzy. What a great start to the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Today Quinn said that we "haaaave to have a special breakfast today since it's a holiday and all" and I said "how about popovers?" and I got a big "YES!" and a reminder that "you made those for us on our first day of school ya know". I'm thankful that my grandma Ruth made those for me every New Year's Day morning while we watched the Rose Parade. I'm grateful to her for starting that tradition and making me feel so special, and now that I'm a mom I choose to make them not just one day a year, but for the important occasions. And, every time I bite into that hot steamy soft crunchy goodness I smile and thank her and am happy to carry on that extra special yummy tradition...and my kids are mighty thankful, too.


  1. I love that you cook. I'm trying to do things like that, too. If you can think of a great gluten free Xmas treat I'd be mighty grateful. Perhaps some sort of gingerbread? I don't know. So glad we're friends. xoxox

  2. This is a really nice post. I have been thinking about the same thing too, and my list is similar to yours. I REALLY need to back up my pictures!!!

    Can you post the recipe for the popovers, pretty please?