Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Late night conversation

Quinn: "What do you call a heart that kisses a smoke detector?"
Me: "Gee, I don't know?"
Quinn: "Smart!" (get it? smoke + heart...ha ha ha)

Talia: "Zoe calls me 'Hey Girl'."
Me: "She calls you 'Hey Girl'?"
Talia: "That's our secret club called the Hey Girls and we aren't allowed to tell anyone where it meets."
Me: "Who's in the club?"
Talia: "Zoe, me, Sofia, and Elise, but Elise isn't coming back for twenty days."
Me: "What do you talk about?"
Talia: "Mostly, like, girlish stuff. It's so cool and secret."

Aaah, the difference between boys and girls is quite striking, isn't it?

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