Friday, October 24, 2008

Those damn piles

I mostly work at home. I see a lot of the inside of my house. Now that my kids are in school, I should theoretically have more time to clean, accomplish projects, and make apple pies. Funny thing, though, my house still gets just as messy and it feels like I have less time to keep up with it all. Everyone said this would be the case and now I get it. Wow, the amount of paper that comes out of those backpacks is mind blowing, the laundry still piles up, and my bathrooms still get scary dirty (little boy + peeing in and around the toilet and wall = stinky). But, what bothers me most of all is the piles. TONS of piles everywhere. And I hate clutter. I don't do clutter. I pride myself in keeping things simple. Sometimes I think I'm helping things by gathering the various small piles and making one BIG pile, but then the big pile just gets shuffled around. And, when people come over to my house, I move the unsightly pile(s) to my bedroom and close the door in shame. Then, new piles accumulate where the old piles where and now it's worse. They are sooo cluttery that sometimes I just want to light a match and have a bonfire because the thought of having to sort through them is nauseating. But, really, they are just a collection of little things that all have a purpose and place somewhere, even if it's the recycling bin, so why does it feel so overwhelming?

This is the combo pile currently on my kitchen table. I did not stage this. It is real. It includes noisy-noses, a Chuck postcard, bills, catalogs, pipe cleaners, and a broken necklace. I am horrified. Where do I begin?

This is at the end of my bed on a pretty wrought iron bench (aka clutter keeper). It's a pile of clean clothes that need folding and putting away. I have since done six loads of laundry, all folded and put away, yet, I walk past this particular pile every day for a week and do nothing like it's toxic material.

Bathroom counter pile. This is stuff that was in my drawer, and that I took out of my drawer because I couldn't close the drawer, and now it is all on my counter and I don't know where to put everything.

Quinn is obsessed with pipe cleaners. The creative fun is unlimited. You saw the hanging window art a few posts ago? That was only the beginning. This pile was created by me gathering up the various creations from all over the house. What do you do with a pile of twisted pipe cleaners?

This pile is on my nightstand. Why do I have three pens there? And, the jewelry. I have a very handy and efficient hanging clear pocket organizer for my jewelry, but these didn't quite make it there. Note to self: take off necklace, put in jewelry pocket, done. No clutter. Grrr.

Again, see that modern cubed shoe rack?! It's for shoes. Did we have an earthquake or was I just too lazy to return the shoes to their rightful organized place?

This is my famous nightstand pile of books that lives below my other jewelry/pen pile on top. These are either books I want to read, books I started but never finished but need to finish, parenting books, borrowed books, a Dr. Seuss book, and various magazines about being organized.

So, bottom line, I need to dedicate some time asap to cleaning up these piles because a cluttered home makes an anti-clutter person like me totally insane and jittery. My husband is totally unaware of my current angst - he's too busy going through his piles and piles of old records that he's recording as mp3's. Not that I'd want him to touch any of my piles because he doesn't have a clue where anything goes. Ugh, it's all too much...I think I'll go play on Facebook.

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