Monday, October 13, 2008

Smoke in your eyes

So, we had one of those lovely satisfying weekends. I spent Saturday at a clothing swap with about twenty other eclectic and fabulous women (think 7 full racks of clothes, shoes, wine, salad, and desserts in a beautiful Hollywood style rounded archways home). Sunday, we went to a bird themed birthday party and came home to decorate birdhouses and gingerbread cookies. We went from tears of sadness Friday night because there was no school the next day to being disappointed that the weekend was coming to a close.

Ah, but today is a different story. We have two fires burning within a few miles of our home and fierce cold winds making matters worse. Our eyes are burning and itchy, our skin parched dry, our throats scratchy, and it smells like smoke in our home. My backyard fence that was slightly leaning is now on the verge of going completely horizontal with one more huge gust of wind. I've checked obsessively on the falling fence all day even though there is nothing I can do about it but wait for the fence guy to come in two days.
But, my fence isn't on fire and I'm not evacuated to a school gymnasium like so many people today. My kids were skillfully entertained inside all day today by caring (and brave) teachers, a video, and the letter "N", and they are now making elaborate playdough creations and getting along great.

According to my cop husband, the fire that is so close to us was stared deliberately. This is coming from a guy who stood on the freeway in blanketed in thick smoke next to the remains of a burned car (and person) that turned around on the closed freeway and hit a tow truck head on.

So, when I reach for my asthma inhaler while watching the smoke and flames in the mountains nearby (yes, I can see flames), I'm wishing for the best for all of those tired firefighters, scared residents, volunteers, and animals. Funny, well, maybe not so funny, how things can turn around so quickly and go from la la la fun fun fun to such tragedy overnight.

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  1. Nice post. You know that our house is your house if you need it. We have a hammock in the backyard and everything. Kidding. You can have the tent.