Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sea chanteys

So, one our favorite live bands, Great Big Sea, is on tour in the States from NewFoundland promoting their latest cd. We were turned on to them by a boss/friend of mine many years ago and I'm forever grateful to her. They are tremendous fun to see live not only because their music gets you dancing and singing along, but their fans are always ready for a good time, too. They sing mostly folk sea songs from NewFoundland that sound sort of Irish but not really and, well, it's just hard to describe. You have to experience them live to understand it. We've seen them four times already, this weekend making concert #5.

There were playing at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, but we saw them there once and hated the sound, and, honestly, we never like any shows there and vowed to never go back. So, luckily they also have Santa Barbara on the schedule. Ah, the perfect excuse to make a weekend of it and have a little couple's getaway. And my mom is ready willing and able to kid sit for the weekend. Yes, that means a vacation minus the kids. For two whole nights.

Our last trip together was last October in Big Sur for our 10th wedding anniversary. And, while that felt like ages ago and almost embarrassing that we let so much time go by, but we also realize that many of our couple friends have never been so lucky to have such a luxury like this. We are extremely blessed. And, I wish I could return the favor for my friends. I'll work on that.

We ate really well, slept in until 8am each day (unbelievable, I know), walked along the ocean, looked at art, talked about adult stuff like music and life, saw a great show by a great band, found a great "faces in places" at my favorite cooking store, and didn't have to responsible for anyone but ourselves. I'm glad we still like each other after almost 11 married years.
Now that we are all home, I thought the kids would want to play with me. But, alas, right now they are busy with their puppet shop and mystery island expedition. Not sure whether they missed us or their toys more, but that's okay.

(here is where we ate delicious breakfast...twice)

(the beautiful old theatre where we saw GBS)

(smiling spoons at Sur La Table)

(the puppet shop - can you spot R2?)

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