Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keep on the sunny side

We had a few scary smokey worried days here in the Valley. Although we personally did not face evacuations or any eminent threats, we were concerned about friends with homes in danger, the air quality (I have asthma), animals, and fears over losing beloved parks and hiking spots. Now that the air is much much clearer (thank goodness!), Quinn is still coughing, Jason's throat is sore from the smoke, and I'm needing to use my Advair for my asthma and tight lungs every twelve hours. It could be much much worse.

So, being the optimist and writer of a blog that looks for the small happy stuff in life, I happen to notice a surprising amount of good things today. And, to those that are having a bad day/week/month, please don't hate me for being so chipper, but I can't help it. This good day is waaaay overdue and I'm going to acknowledge it dammit.

- Quinn found his inner creative out-of-the-box self that's was missing for a while, and recreated the wire sculptures he saw on Reading Rainbow this morning. He dug into the craft bin, declared "I found the pipe cleaners yeaaaa!", and went on to create hanging art on the playroom curtain rod. Do you see the hanging mummy?
- I drove to my favorite hiking spot that I feared had burned in the fire, having to see for myself, and...I saw green...lots of green! The fire only got the upper section where we rarely take the kids but where I hike with my cousin (all 1.4 miles of it). Our favorite "fishing" spot was saved. What a relief! Those brave firefighters are incredible.

- I go to my favorite Goodwill to buy bigger sized clothes for the growing kids, and, oh ya baby, all kids clothes are only $.99 each on special today (regularly $3.99). I buy 21 really nice items and pay $21. Normal price would be $84. Cha ching!
- Lunch was a homemade delicious and decadent crispy bacon, ripe avocado, and cheese sandwich with red vines on the side. Yummm..

- Our friendly gardener/handyman extraordinaire finally arrived and is fixing our ailing fence. Now, I can stop obsessing over it.
- One of my favorite bloggers who went from a suffering waiter to best selling author practically overnight is on Oprah today. Oprah!
- My new school mom professional writer friend called me a "writer". Me? Yes, Me.
When I arrive home late afternoon after their Wednesday gym class, Jason greets us at the door looking like total crap. The dedicated defender of our once smoky freeways has a fever and sore throat and feels horrible and crawls back into bed. Then, I scold Quinn for dumping his (expensive) castle on the floor and he starts crying (and getting that face) saying that he's sad about what I said to him and now he thinks that "I don't love him anymore". And, it all goes downhill from there. Aaaaah, whew, this is more like the up and down life I know and love. I just have to smile...and pour myself a tall glass of wine. Cheers!


  1. You are a writer - a very good one!

  2. I do like your small stuff positive outlook!!! Chipper is good and NEEDED most of the time. I, myself, like to "re-think" the day at the end of the night and paint it a prettier pink than it probably was. LOL! Though somedays its just gray and I don't go there. Cheers to you too!

  3. Hey, Supermom! Great blog here. Yes, indeed, you are an excellent writer. Keep it up and Small Stuff may yet become a best seller on Oprah's book club

  4. I love your blog. It's so true what you say about the small stuff. I will link you from BabyCenter one day or GH if you'd like. Though a sex blog about "the small stuff" might not go over so well. LOL. Andrea (still Karin on the sig... sorry.)