Monday, September 8, 2008

Theatrical summer

Our absolute favorite thing to do this summer was going to the Will Geer Theatre (Theatricum Botanicum) on Sunday mornings for their family program. The summer started out with plays, like Ferdinand the Bull and King Arthur. What was so great was that we got to sit on the stage surrounding the performers and be part of the plays. For the rest of summer we heard some great musical performers and did lots of dancing, singing, and smiling. And, the summer isn't even over yet. Our favorite performers from last summer are scheduled over the next couple of weeks.

The one thing that bothers me, though, is why the audience is always so small. Don't get me wrong, I love small crowds because it's more intimate, but it makes me sad that more people don't enjoy this wonderful theater program like we do. It's outside in the beautiful Topanga mountains, and it's surrounded by trees and flowers and it's simple natural beauty away from the hustle bustle of the city. The minute we walk down the little hill onto the property I immediately feel this "aaaah" sense of calm. Maybe the theater people don't like big crowds either, or maybe they don't have the money to advertise, but I still don't get it. In a city of MILLIONS, how is there only 30 people (counting adults and kids) at a show? I even tell my fellow mom friends and multiples club about it but yet I sadly never see them there. Yes, it's LA and people are busy on the weekend and they go to church, soccer games, do piles of laundry, have obligations, or just want to veg out at home from the hectic week. I know when we first went to this theater, we weren't sure what to expect, like if we could find it, would we need tickets ahead of time, would it be too hippie? And, like any new place, I always feel a bit hesitant to try it all on my own. But, after we went to our first show there late last summer, we said to ourselves "we are going to as many shows here as we can" and were sad when the season ended.

During this past Sunday performance by a well known country duo, Talia joyfully danced with me on stage (she said she would only dance if I danced with her, of course). Her smile was so wide and happy as she twirled and jiggled around and afterward she proudly beamed about how brave she felt and how she thought Quinn wasn't quite ready to be brave yet but "that's okay". On the way home we talked about how we only get braver when we do little things one at a time and each time we do we get a little more brave. I completely understand feeling not so brave and adventurous, but I am so glad that I took that little brave step last year. And, because we loved the Sunday shows so much last summer, we got a little braver and ventured out and went to other new venues this year. It's been a fantastic theatrical summer and I'm excited to think about what we might discover next.
(mine are in the cowboy hats)

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