Friday, September 26, 2008

A Spaghetti Story

5:30 a.m. and the children are awake. Not good. The only time this is not a horrible thing is if you have to wake up early to catch a airplane for a vacation in Hawaii. Otherwise, this makes for cranky children and pushed to the limit parents, which leads to massive meltdowns starting at 5:31 a.m. over who chooses what show, wrong jelly on the toast, and basic disagreement over everything.

Then from 8:30 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. the way overtired cranky red-eyed people are now the teacher's problem and we get a break (hey, we warned her and wished her luck - we aren't that mean!).

We made it through the afternoon, keeping them busy (aka distracted). Then, it was dinner time. I suddenly hear boy screams of "I don't want that. I hate that. I'm never going to eat that ever. I'm going to be starving. I'm going to waste away and shrivel up into a pea."

So, instead of yet another battle, I decide to be creative. It just comes to me in a brilliant burst of brilliance. I recall the scene from The Best Christmas movie of all time - A Christmas Story.

Here is the scene (oh darn, I had to watch again for the 63rd time to get the exact quote)...

Mom: "How do the little piggies go?"
Randy: makes "oink oink" sounds...
Mom: "That's right. Oink. Oink."
Mom: "Now, show me how the piggies eat. This is your trough. Show me how the piggies eat. Be a good boy. Show Mommy how the piggies eat."
Randy (shoving face into meatloaf and mashed potatoes): snorting sounds, pigs sounds, laughing, smiling...
Mom: "Mommy's little piggy!"

And here is our version...

Me: "How do dogs eat?"
Quinn: ??? (he's thinking "What does this crazy woman mean?")
Talia: ??? (she's thinking "I like totally loved my outfit today 'cause I looked so cute")
Me: "They eat like this (then I demonstrate eating out of a pretend dog bowl with my mouth and barking) and you can't use your hands and you have to bark. Come on. You can do it! Woof!"
Talia (diving face first right in to her spaghetti): "Woof! Woof!"
Quinn (smiling and taking small bites then smushing his race right in and laughing and giggling): "Woof woof woof woof!!!"
...and after almost all of the spaghetti is gone and their faces are covered in sauce...
Quinn: "We should have this again tomorrow!"

Oh ya, check-mate for mommy. When I got it...I got it. I persuaded cranky Quinn to eat his dinner with a laugh and a smile and left him wanting more. You bet I did the victory dance and gave myself big kudos. Hell ya.


  1. Ack, the cuteness of Quinn! The great story! You have a blog? Who's the stalker now??? He heeeeee heeeeee.

  2. OK, you're fabulous. And creative. And surviving motherhood well. Just can you think of the effect of this on their table manners?!?!? Oh, who the h*** cares! He's going to shrivel up into a pea? She, like, looked cute today?

    I love them to bits. xoxox Gramma Ellen

  3. That is genius! I will remember that dinner table strategy! LOL! I just found your blog from your signature on the SFVMOM email you sent. Very cute! I added it to my reads, hope you don't mind...

    Eve R.