Thursday, September 4, 2008

Settling in

Wow, my previous post about the first day of kindergarten was kind of raw and disorientated. I guess that's what this writing thing is all about - putting those emotions to words and I now understand how it can be therapeutic. And, thank you to my friends and family for all of your concern and support.

Today is the third day of school and things are good so far. I think the long day gets to them, and keeping it in all day and being on their best behavior reflects in emotional afternoons, so we have to be extra patient and give lots of hugs and cuddles. They are still very concerned about a particularly unruly boy in class that obviously doesn't like following rules and has no qualms about kicking the teacher. Yikes! Seems like they are trying to process this foreign behavior because it really does fascinate them and are needing to talk about it. All on their own, they've made up their minds to not make friends with him and to only make friends with the nice kids. I was speaking with a fellow school mom while we were waiting to pick up our kids and she said her daughter (that is in the same class as mine) hardly said a word about her day, let alone anything about the boy causing so much trouble. A very wise friend of mine with an amazing perspective said that when they point out the bad behavior of classmates, it isn't about being negative but is a reflection on how they see the good and the not so good in people's actions. Here is part of what she wrote:

"Your great mothering and rearing allowed them to see injustice. You instilled them with such wonderful morals that on the first day of school, they were able to sort out the one child whom needs the most love from society to thrive as they themselves are thriving."

This totally changed my thinking about the whole thing. The fact that they decided to not be friends with a kid that "is mean" is a really good thing...that they aren't gravitating to the riff raff. As adults we often have to deal with difficult people and sometimes we are forced to figure out how to get what you need from them or how to get along. But, maybe for now, I should be thrilled that my impressionable new students are making good choices already and that makes me proud. I'm hearing more and more happy details each day and they are excited to go every morning. I even saw them holding hands on the way from the playground to class (my heart melted). As for me, I feel way out of sorts and all this time on my own will take a while to feel normal. My daily schedule has revolved around their schedule for five years and suddendly it's a lot about MY schedule. Yesterday I had a yummy leisurely breakfast with a close friend (co-op mom), and today I went to the gym (it's been way too long and it was torture), then the doctor, TJ's, and home to get some work done. And, my house looks so clean! It's not so bad, you know? All this 'me' time...I could get used to this.

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