Saturday, September 13, 2008

Robots and such

It's Friday morning and after leaving my waaaaaaay overdue chiropractor visit (uh hum, since last year - I used to go every three weeks), and I have a list of three things in my head that I need to buy. That evil store that I try to stay away from because they don't give good benefits to their employees, Walfart, is a block away so I suck it up and go there. As I'm walking in I'm going through my mental shopping list: lunch containers, wipes (the kids aren't wiping so well - can you say skid marks in the pajama bottoms?), and iron pills. Containers, wipes, iron. Containers, wipes, iron. That's it. You can do it. So, $96.52 later, I left with what I a few extras like ridiculously overpriced razor blades for that pretty feminine razor I got suckered into buying, an R2D2 figure, princess crown, tissue, etc. I know what you are thinking. I failed to resist the Walfart temptations and didn't stick to the list. Don't give any money to that greedy evil empire! But, hey, my kids, especially Talia, had an emotional week adjusting to school and all the social dynamics, including going up on stage, alone, and in front of "TWO HUNDRED people staring at ME!", and her new friend playing with another girl and thinking she might lose her new friend FOREVER and feeling "awful" and "terrible" about it.

So, I put their because-it's-Friday-and-you-made-it-through-the-week-okay gifts on their car seats right before I picked them up from school and listened to them squeal in delight at the found treasures. Oh ya, sometimes I just rock at being a cool mom. Not that buying things for them means you are this great mom, but sometimes it's just fun in give them an unexpected treat. Talia was grateful for the new princess crown (hers recently broke), and Quinn loved his R2D2 rowowbot (robot) figure soooooooooo much, and granted he's never seen the movies or read any of the books, that when we were at Descanso Gardens today with my mom he talked about how much he missed R2D2 and that since "Gramma and Talia are talking forever in the bathroom, he really misses R2D2 now!". Oh the torture!

Right now he's blissfully playing alone in his room with his new favorite toy, constructing a spaceship and transport vehicle for him, completely unaware of the horrific things going on just outside of our home, like the deadly train crash a few miles away. I couldn't be happier that we can still shelter him from that news. Me? I think I need some chocolate, a shoulder massage, and a few hours alone with my book for an escape from it all. Well, maybe at least some chocolate...for now.

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