Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mommy questions

Fellow blogger and mom of multiples, Eve (http://bought2got1free.blogspot.com/), got a neat idea from her friend to ask her kids some questions about her, so I thought I'd ask my kids the same questions to hear what they would say about me.

1. What is something mommy always says to you?

Talia: I love you
Quinn: goodnight

2. What makes mommy happy?

Talia: cuddles
Quinn: when I say nice things

3. What makes mommy sad?

Talia: when you're hurt
Quinn: if something that was your favorite broke

4. How does mommy make you laugh?

Talia: when we tell jokes
Quinn: by doing something funny and fun

5. How old is mommy?

Talia: 27 years old
Quinn: 26 ... was that right???

6. How tall is mommy?

Talia: two feet tall
Quinn: 31 feet

7. What is mommy's favorite thing to do?

Talia: to go to work
Quinn: going to the beach

8. What does mommy do when you're not around?

Talia: you hang out
Quinn: go to grocery store, maybe

9. What is mommy really good at?

Talia: you're really good at drawing
Quinn: cooking

10. What is mommy not so good at?

Talia: that's really had for me to think about
Quinn: not so good at building like daddy

11. What is mommy's job?

Talia: being a mommy
Quinn: learn about stuff

12. What is mommy's favorite food?

Talia: pasta
Quinn: sushi

13. What do you and mommy do together?

Talia: go to lunch together
Quinn: everything

14. How do you know mommy loves you?

Talia: because she says 'I love you'
Quinn: when you do what I want you to do with me

It was hard for Talia to think only about me at first and she needed a little coaxing, as she believes most everything revolves around her, but then again, she's five. And very Talia. Quinn thought it was "very hard" because he was restless and just wanted to get back to playing. I wonder when they make the switch and think of me as a real person with outside interests, dreams, fears, friendships, struggles, etc.? I guess it's a slow process. For now, I will just relish in their innocence and the fact that they still really like me.

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