Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just another day

Yawn. Just a normal day. Dropped off the kids, chatted with another mom, drove home, washed the morning dishes, put away toys, worked, ate breakfast, watched out my window at the trash truck thirty feet away on fire, hoped it doesn't blow up, called my husband to say "There is a trash truck on fire across the street and do you think it will blow up?", did more work, showered, etc. You know, just a typical day.

Uh huh, the city trash truck was on fire right next to my house!! I watched as the brave firefighters tackled the blaze by instructing the truck driver to dump out his load while they sprayed the trash now in huge piles on the road and smoldering inside the truck. Then, the firetrucks left. The dump truck left. And, then the cleanup crew arrived...and stood staring at the piles of wet trash for almost an hour wondering what to do. They walked back and forth, scratched their heads, and looked at their watches ("is it our lunch break yet?")...and the supervisor points here and there while, oh ya, smoking a cigar. Classic. So, I sat on the counter eating the last marvelous piece of berry pie watching and smiling at the splendor of the moment because this is good, really really good. Or, have I completely lost it? Who cares?! Hey, sometimes it's the little things that can make your day.

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