Monday, September 22, 2008

Inner geek

Yes, yes, took a little time off to have some adventures with R2. I plan on making it a weekly thing because it's loads of geeky fun and I don't get to be that way too often. I mostly leave that to my husband. Creative geeky stuff is uplifting and a little addicting, I must say. It's almost like there is no limit to it and it takes you out of your own boring follow-the-rules daily life. And, experimenting with my camera is a huge bonus. R2 can do and think a million things around the house and, to me, it's just plain funny. Or, maybe it's just me? Ah, who cares. The news sucked last week, both in the greater world, the USA, our nearby community, and in my small circle. I just couldn't do any introspective writing. I felt like I just had to feel bad for what was going on but not harp on it. Being silly works when my kids are being cranky and need to laugh so they stop being cranky before I lose my mind. But, it's always about them, you know? I'm silly for their sake. I am known for making people laugh when they call me to feel better. And that's great, like a free and harmless drug for lifting my own mood along with helping them. Nothing better than making other people feel good -like volunteering or going out of your way for a person that needs someone to care about them (there's a lot of lonely people out there). But, to just be silly all on my own? That's rare for me. I go through the playful motions at a kids music show, standing up and doing the arm movements, only because it gets my kids to do it. But, honestly, I'd rather stay seated and watch. So, now I have a good excuse to be a little silly, once a week, on my own terms. A simple picture of R2 and a caption - all to help my inner geek reveal herself just a bit and smile.

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