Monday, September 1, 2008

Calm in nature

I decided for our last day before the start of school to keep it simple. I wanted to stay away from the crowds, hassles, or forced expensive fun. Since my mood is, oh, let's just say, um, very emotional, I always think of nature to calm my nerves and get me grounded. I know many great places to go for a hike (thank you Bobbi), but I kept it close to home and went to our favorite local spot. This place is amazing. It's a mostly shaded canyon in between expensive homes and condos and near a major shopping center. But, you would never know it. And, it was totally perfect for the day. We leisurely walked to our favorite 'fishing' spot where they discovered tons of small frogs, fished for our lunch with long sticks, and made up stories about fairies and gnomes that lived around the water (I was thinking about vampires and werewolves, but that's just my withdrawal from my recent book read). I was able to just sit and watch them be carefree, simply enjoying hearing of their discoveries or letting my mind wander. I love those moments that don't cost any money but are just so rich. I experienced a roller coaster of emotions the rest of the day and shed a few tears off and on, but maybe that's good so I won't be total embarrassing snotty wreck tomorrow. Ahhh, who am I kidding?!

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  1. Hi! Is this the trail north of Rinaldi in Porter Ranch? We hike there, too. In fact, my husband took my older son there on Sunday to throw rocks in the creek. Nicely, of course...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.