Saturday, September 6, 2008

Alarm cat

From my very unscientific mom polling, I've reached the conclusion that there are two types of kid sleepers. There are those that can stay up late and sleep in late still getting their required amount of sleep. Other kids, if they go to bed late they will wake up way too early, and the less sleep they get the less and less they sleep (overtired and wired) and the more sleep they get the more and more they sleep. Can you guess what kind of sleepers mine are? Hint: we hardly ever keep them out past their bedtime because we are not very fond of waking up at 5am and dealing with cranky kids all day. I'm still in awe when I see little kids out at a restaurant at 9pm and my mindset is "why would they do that???" but I forget that their sleeper will probably sleep in until the blissful hour of 8am. Mine wake up from 5:45-6am EVERY DAY no matter when we put them to bed (trust me, we have experimented), so they are usually in bed by 7pm every night and fall asleep quickly (yippee!). And, as shocked as I am at parents keeping their young ones out late, they are just as surprised that I get mine in bed and asleep so early. They might be jealous for a few seconds before I tell them the inhuman hour they wake up at every day. But, this dark morning hour has served up well for school, allowing plenty of time for a little bit of tv, breakfast, dress, teeth, play, lunches, etc. without rushing around like crazy people. Unfortunately, my mommy brain/body has set it's internal timer to automatically rise at this time every day, regardless of what's going on or where I'm sleeping. Without fail, I wake up at 6am when away at a girlfriend getaway after being up late the night before or when the kids are at my mom's for the night and no one is running into my room for their daily 6am cuddle time. It's way beyond maddening. What I would give to sleep in until 8am!

And, do you know who else has their internal wake up timer set? Our very verbal cat, Popoki. She has figured out that if she jumps on our bed at 5:49am, then that will most likely involve some petting and affection until the wild little people invade the room. I refuse to pet her but she persists, maybe thinking that my pushing her away is at least some form of petting? She stands on my hip meowing "Oh, thank goodness you're awake! I'm here and it's time to pet me now come on hurry up now is your chance please please please aren't I cute I know you've waited all night to pet me I've been sooooo deprived for way too long pet me pet me pet me nowwwwww...". If I don't pet her then she will attack my feet to get my attention, and if that doesn't work, then she'll throw her body somewhere on my body and make herself comfortable. Gee, why don't we just close our bedroom door? Seems logical. But, then she'll sit outside our door scratching and 5:49am. Trust me, she's done it and it's not pretty. She has us trained well because that's her job.
So, what's the answer? Go away to a cabin in the mountains for two weeks, alone, to reset my internal clock? Not going to happen. I think for now I'll just relish those five minutes of glorious cuddle time because soon my kids won't want to do that anymore and be happy that my little rescue kitty has finally come out of her timid shell and realized that she's home for good and not going anywhere.

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  1. Hey! Gamma Kellei, the cat owner can certainly relate to Alarm Cat. I swear, Finnegan can hear my eyelids open at 5:00 am and rushes to bring me his ratty, noisy stuffed bird so we can play fetch -- He thinks he's a dog!!So, I understand the human programming to wake up before God!!
    love you