Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Family

Jason has a half sister McKenzie who didn't exactly grow up in a supportive touchy feely family, in fact, it was rather difficult. But, you would never know it if you met her. She is sweet, beautiful, genuine, compassionate, and just has that special glow. She is like a sister to me. And, this summer she has found her calling - helping greatly disadvantaged international children. She is volunteering at an orphanage in Nepal (the poorest country in the world) and despite a complete lack of her "normal" luxuries (a hot shower, washing machine, Starbucks, etc.), she is thriving and making a difference...and never wants to leave. This a major life changing summer for her, to say the least.

So, I decided to send the children some basic supplies, crafts, games, hair things, and of course, some yummy treats. I had a lot of fun getting the packages together and looked forward to hearing how the kids liked everything. Well, yesterday I got a package in the mail from Nepal. It was full of beautifully drawn 'thank you' notes and handmade gifts. You would think that I sent them each an Xbox or iPod! Their words (in almost perfect English) and drawings brought tears to my eyes. I am now Daria Auntie, Daria Sister, they told me they love me, we are now family, when am I coming to Nepal, how grateful they are for everything, a little bit about them, and to please write back.

I'm generally a little guarded, so it takes me a long time to consider someone a good friend and even finding someone be friends with is very hard, and these sweet children from the other side of the world who have never met me consider me family now, all because I sent them some what I consider basic things. No wonder McKenzie never wants to leave and plans to save her money to go back again next summer! I just can't get over how much overflowing love comes from these orphaned children in this poor country without any of the luxuries that children here take for granted. They have so few things and expect so little and are grateful for everything. It warms my heart to no end and makes me want to get on a plane to Kathmandu and hug them all. And, now that I am Auntie (and I LOVE being an auntie), I have to continue to send more things and 'thank you' cards for the 'thank you' cards to my new family. I can't wait. Namaste.

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